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Officials fear Russia could try to target US through popular software ...

ABC News

Russia’s growing aggression toward the United States has deepened concerns among U.S. officials that Russian spies might try to exploit one of the world’s most respected cybersecurity firms to snoop on Americans or sabotage key U.S. systems... Products from the company, Kaspersky Lab, based in Moscow, are widely used in homes, businesses and government agencies throughout the United States, including the Bureau of Prisons. Kaspersky Lab’s products are stocked on the shelves of Target and Best Buy, which also sells laptops loaded by manufacturers with the firm’s anti-virus software. But in a secret memorandum sent last month to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Senate Intelligence Committee raised possible red flags about Kaspersky Lab and urged the intelligence community to address potential risks posed by the company’s powerful market position. “This [is an] important national security issue,” declared the bipartisan memorandum... In February, the Department of Homeland Security issued a secret report on the matter to other government agencies. And the FBI is investigating the nature of Kaspersky Lab’s relationship to the Russian government... The company has repeatedly insisted it poses no threat to U.S. customers and would never be used as a government tool. Current and former U.S. officials, however, point to company executives who previously worked for Russian intelligence and military agencies. They worry that Kaspersky Lab’s software could allow state-sponsored hackers to steal users’ files, read private emails or attack critical infrastructure in the United States.


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Remote code execution flaws exposed in Kaspersky Server software

ZDNet-Jun 28, 2017

Severe security flaws have been discovered in Kaspersky's Anti-Virus File Server software. On Wednesday, CoreLabs, the security arm of Core Security, issued a public advisory relating to a number of security problems in Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux File Server The antivirus software, certified as VMware Ready and able to support current versions of FreeBSD, is designed to protect workstations and file servers in complex networks from traditional cyberthreats. There are four vulnerabilities in total; a cross-site scripting bug, a cross-site request forgery flaw, improper privilege management and improper limits set on pathnames to restricted directories, leading to the bypass of security protocols, information leaks, and remote code execution.


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US Senators Seek Military Ban On Kaspersky Lab Products Amid ...

HuffPost-18 hours ago

U.S. senators sought on Wednesday to ban Moscow-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab's products from use by the military because of fears the company is vulnerable to “Russian government influence,” a day after the FBI interviewed several of its U.S. employees as part of a probe into its operations.Federal Bureau of Investigation agents visited the homes of Kaspersky employees late on Tuesday in multiple U.S. cities, although no search warrants were served, according to two sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the FBI probe.Kaspersky Lab confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that FBI agents have had “brief interactions” with some of its U.S. employees, discussions that the company described as “due diligence” chats. The FBI declined to comment.The interviews were followed on Wednesday by the release of a defense spending policy bill passed by the Senate Armed Services Committee, which would prohibit the U.S. Defense Department from using Kaspersky software platforms because the company “might be vulnerable to Russian government influence,”


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Known Issue with Kaspersky Security Software and SuperWEB2

Kaspersky Security Software has been found to cause issues with SuperWEB2 in certain situations. The issues include delays logging in, problems with mapping, and problems loading tables and databases (particularly large tables). If you are experiencing problems such as these and you have Kaspersky Security Software installed, then you may find that switching to an alternative security solution... resolves these problems. he issues are related to a bug in some versions of Kaspersky Security Software that causes it to interfere with legitimate HTTP network traffic.


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Several employees of Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab got an unpleasant surprise on Tuesday night when FBI agents popped round to their residences for a chat. Staff in the US were visited and agents reportedly told them that they weren't under criminal investigation, but that the Feds would just like some information about how the company operates and shares information with its home office in Russia. "As a private company, Kaspersky Lab has no ties to any government, and the company has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyberespionage efforts," a company spokeswoman told The Register. "Kaspersky Lab believes it is completely unacceptable that the company is being unjustly accused without any hard evidence to back up these false allegations. Kaspersky Lab is available to assist all concerned government organizations with any ongoing investigations, and the company ardently believes a deeper examination of Kaspersky Lab will confirm that these allegations are unfounded."


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From Business Insider March 19, 2015:

The head of a leading security-software firm is friends with high-level Russian spies, according to a report from Bloomberg. The company's connections to the Kremlin have long been known and reported on, but Bloomberg reports that several executives have been replaced with people closely aligned with Russia's military and intelligence operations. Kaspersky Lab's founder and CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, used to work for the KGB and reportedly maintains relationships with former and current Russian intelligence officials. "Unless Kaspersky is traveling, he rarely misses a weekly banya (sauna) night with a group of about 5 to 10 that usually includes Russian intelligence officials," Bloomberg writes. "Kaspersky says in an interview that the group saunas are purely social: 'When I go to banya, they’re friends.'"


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Exclusive: Congress asks U.S. agencies for Kaspersky Lab cyber documents


LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - A U.S. congressional panel this week asked 22 government agencies to share documents on Moscow-based cyber firm Kaspersky Lab, saying its products could be used to carry out "nefarious activities against the United States," according to letters seen by Reuters. The requests made on Thursday by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology are the latest blow to the antivirus company, which has been countering accusations by U.S. officials that it may be vulnerable to Russian government influence. The committee asked the agencies for all documents and communications about Kaspersky Lab products dating back to Jan. 1, 2013, including any internal risk assessments. It also requested lists of any systems that use Kaspersky products and the names of any U.S. government contractors or subcontractors that do so.


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Trump administration orders purge of Kaspersky products from U.S. government


8:06pm EDT Reuters


The Trump administration on Wednesday told U.S. government agencies to remove Kaspersky Lab products from their networks, saying it was concerned the Moscow-based cyber security firm was vulnerable to Kremlin influence and that using its anti-virus software could jeopardize national security. The decision represents a sharp response to what U.S. intelligence agencies have described as a national security threat posed by Russia in cyberspace, following an election year marred by allegations that Moscow weaponized the internet in an attempt to influence its outcome. In a statement, Kaspersky Lab rejected the allegations, as it has done repeatedly in recent months, and said its critics were misinterpreting Russian data-sharing laws that only applied to communications services.


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U.S. Senate votes to ban Kaspersky Lab software from government networks +
Reuters Canada | Mon Sep 18, 2017 22:40 UTC

The U.S. Senate on Monday voted to ban Moscow-based cyber security firm Kaspersky Labs products from use by the federal government, citing concerns the company may be a pawn of the Kremlin and poses a national security risk.


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Another danger from Russian software:

New N.S.A. Breach Linked to Popular Russian Antivirus Software +
NY Times | Fri Oct 06, 2017 01:07 UTC

Investigators believe Russian hackers exploited Kaspersky Lab software to steal classified documents that a National Security Agency employee stored on his home computer.


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