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The Houston Chronicle editorial board called on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to resign over his Cancun debacle in a blistering editorial on Friday. The home state newspaper described Cruz’s vacation during a Texas weather crisis as “foolish, callous and sadly telling of his approach to the job over the past eight years.”

“Texans’ anger with Ted Cruz right now could power an entire electrical grid,” the board said of the senator’s getaway this week to Mexico with his family as Texans suffered during freezing weather, power outages and water shortages. Cruz returned to Texas Thursday amid growing fury.

The editorial acknowledged that the Texas crisis was not of Cruz’s making and that the job of a U.S. senator is not to “shovel the coal.”

“The crisis is the handiwork of state officials, not federal,” the editorial said, but “we expect leadership and perhaps a little solidarity from a man whose re-election campaign heavily rested on claims of his compassion and advocacy for suffering Texans after Hurricane Harvey.”

The editorial board only last month called for Cruz’s resignation for stoking the violent mob of pro-Donald Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol.

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I'm kind of glad he did this...maybe this stunt will get rid of him once and for all.  Lots of Texan's are pissed off


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From: oldmillotFeb-19 1:09 PM 
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Ted has always been a totally selfish malignant narcissist arsehole. And a lot of folks in Texas like that. They can see their own mirrored image in Ted. But in a time of existential crisis, folks look to their governmental officials to be concerned for the welfare of their constituency and to take some action to make matters better. Ted just said to his voters, "I'm alright, Jack! Screw you all!", and flew off to have fun and sun in Cancun!

Folks in Texas shivering in the dark and cold without water to drink got a right to be really angry. What are they paying this arsehole for if not to be of some service to the folks who voted for him? Cruze is so damned self-centered that he didn't even think to keep up appearances. He really didn't need to do a damned thing, but "appear" to be concerned. But he couldn't even do that little. What a clueless arsehole! Arf! 


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