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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 246462 views.

From: jamielsg


My friend, please have Pete or Cheryl or Pam come on and let us know that we could have lost one of our dearest and best.  Please?  When I am there in April, you will have me for a full day.  Whatever you need done, I'll do it.........I'll even sleep in one of the stalls.........preferably Blue's  ;)  I was worried about you, had no idea you were going through hell on time, let us help...........okay?  We love you Jeanne!



From: Mimsforever


I will, Jamie. Heading into that second surgery was very scary, not knowing what was wrong and all. Tell you what! These wounds are PAINFUL! During those first few days, layers and layers of skin were pulled off with each dressing change. I am accostomed to pain, live with it daily but that was horrendous! I learned to go to my "happy" place...I imagined myself riding the beautiful Moon Shadow through the woods.

I see the surgeon today. I won't be able to clean stalls for another several weeks so if anyone wants to send a few dollars to help pay the help, I'd most appreciate it. In anticipation of the surgery, I worked extra hours at my paying job to help raise money for the hired help. Laura sent money, Cheryl had fundraisers but I did not anticipate being off duty for this long. We sure could use some help.

I am very much looking forward to the day I can return to the barn. EVERY SINGLE ONE of my helpers has reported that Elmhurst is behaving badly. He sees the help a'coming and dashes up to greet them. He will skid to a stop before them and as soon as they get their heart outta their throuat he whirls and runs...causing the ladies to riot.

Elmhurst has also given my dedicated husband a hard time at every possible oppurtunity...even threatened to kick him today when it came time for blanketing.

He needs me back at the barn so he can stop this bad behavoir...its just like the class clown and the substitute teacher. 

WEll, by golly, he has been turned in to the PRINCIPAL, the BOSS MARE and he is in BIG TROUBLE!

I was wondering about our FOB visit. As I lay there is the hospital really wishing I could be in my barn, I had an idea.

I'd like everyone who comes to find a quote by or about women and/mares or horses. During the day, each person will be provided with paint and a paintbrush and sent out to find somewhere to record the quote. This, as you already know, is one of my dreams for the Haven; to have the ladies surrounded by poetic beauty as well as the natural beauty that is already here.

What do you think?


From: Mimsforever


Anyone who reads this can help! Send us your favorite quote or two and I will see that it gets painted somewhere!

You all have been such a big part of the daily lives of our beautiful can help decorate their world.



From: LindaVA3


I think this is a FABULOUS idea!  I'm going to cross post it on the thread about our visiting day so everyone see it :)

From: Weldon54


Jeanne, I hope you are healing more and more, faster and faster! I've been thinking about you so much.

One of my favorite horse quotes:

My treasures do not clink and gleam.

They glitter in the sun and neigh at night.




From: pepsmom1


Love this idea - can't wait to see you, The Ladies, Elmhurst, everyone - and lend a hand at the Haven.

So very very sorry you have had to deal with all of this, Jeanne. More prayers are on the way for rapid and complete healing!!!

Take care, dear fren.

Sally in Indy
KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


The air of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears .. Arabian Proverb



From: LyndaP31


Here is mine!

A person that has a dog or cat has a companion. A person that has a horse has a treasure in there heart and a sparkle in there eyes and more love than the whole world.

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From: jamielsg


How are you feeling today Jeanne?  I talked to my Mom in Pa today and she has added you to her church prayer list..............

I love the idea of the quotes..........I'll still have to cheat a little with some of my already made signs:)  I have a wonderful quote in mind already..........

If you consider that we cannot save them all, and what difference does one make, you ought to know the joy of the one who is saved."
~ Jim Willis

Sending a donation to for The Ladies..............

Love, Jamie


From: GildersMom


Yes, we could use some "spare change" from your pockets. Jeanne's "complications" (which happened because she is so special and unique!) will bring some extra burdens to the Haven in the cost of help to take care of the ladies (and Elmo).

We did rather well with the Evening Attire auction, and I have auctions for the ladies' halters that will begin tonight. But we still have every day expenses to pay, so every little bit helps... as always!

As always, your good/healing thoughts and prayers are always welcomed! :)