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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 248207 views.

From: Mimsforever


Doncha just hate Mondays?

Its Lotka's 29th birthday and I thought it might be nice to celebrate with pedicures for everyone... we only got through HALF the ladies before our devoted farrier had to leave. Too many stiff knees...

Elmhurst is being VERY BAD! He demands FULL ATTENTION when he is in his stall. If he doesn't get it, he starts kicking the walls...HARD! He gobbles his feed and hay and wants more...BAM, BAM, BAM! If I pay attention to anyone else...BAM, BAM, BAM. If we just leave the barns while everyone is inside...BAM, BAM, BAM!

He and I are going to scrap! Just wait till the doctors clear me to deal with him!


From: LindaVA3


OH no I missed seeing this, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LOTKA!!!

Elmhurst sure sounds like a handful!!


From: twigs6652



Sometimes I just have to laugh when I compare horses to a room full of children.  Very similar in many regards. 

When my daycare boyz are acting bad, which occurs about every other minute or so, I keep saying to myself..."Bad boys, boys what you gonna do..what you gonna do when they come for you."

In your case you can say, "Bad boy, bad boy what you gonna do...what you gonna do when Jeanne comes for you."

Of course, my girls as well as your ladies get themselves into a peck of trouble too but somehow it is different.  Not better, not worse just different.



From: jamielsg


Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Lotka!  See you soon............Elmhurst, please behave!



From: Mimsforever



I have been cleared, by the surgeon,  to resume all normal activity!

So I rode a horse today! I am FREE!



From: gerchgo


Woohoo! Congrats! Watch out Elmhurst!!!!!!


KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


WHOO HOO - wonderful news!!!!!

cj (cjcolo)

From: cj (cjcolo)


I bet the horse between your heels felt like heaven in your head......
I just bet it did....
Good goin, Jeanne!

From: GildersMom


Press Release!

OMRH Awarded Paris/Bourbon County Chamber of Commerce 2012 Farm of the Year

The Paris/Bourbon County Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards breakfast on Tuesday morning, April 24. Our Mims Retirement Haven, a 501( c )3 non-profit in Paris, was recognized as the 2012 Farm of the Year. Linda Stubblefield, Tourism Director presented the award to Jeanne Mirabito, President and Farm Manager of OMRH. Lucy Cooper is the president of the Paris/Bourbon County Chamber of Commerce.

Said Mirabito: "I still can't believe it! This is an honor beyond any I ever expected. When I think of all the prestigious farms in this county I am speechless. Our horses, of course, deserve to have all the accolades in the world. They have earned the right to shine."

Director of Fund Raising and Promotion Cheryl Bellucci added, "We are working more with the Paris tourism board and incorporating more 'hometown' ties in our work with the ladies and Elmhurst. It's nice to know our efforts are being noticed."

Granted non-profit status in 2007, Our Mims Retirement Haven takes in retired Thoroughbreds, mostly broodmares. OMRH is named after Our Mims, the famed Calumet Eclipse Champion Three-Year-Old Filly of 1977. Mirabito was Our Mims' last owner, and when the mare died, Mirabito pledged to start the Haven in memory of her old friend. Past ladies include Sugar and Spice (half-sister to Our Mims), Taba (dam of Turkoman), 1985 Breeders Cup Distaff Runner Alabama Nana (trained by D. Wayne Lukas), My Turbulent Miss (dam of Prized and Exploit). Current residents include Timeless Sue (granddam of Bourbon Belle, great-granddam of Not Bourbon), Bel's Starlet (California champion), Lotka (famed racer trained by the legendary Woody Stephens), Cruella (dam of Diazo), Ms. Stalwart (dam of Stalwart Member and Mount Intrepid), Missy White Oak (winner of Maryland Million Lassie Stakes), Princess Royale (Australian mare by Bletchingly), Hana Bride (by Coastal), Taba Dance (daughter of Taba), Trail Guide (by Our Native), Ms. Royal Flagship, and Blue Viking. Last October, OMRH welcomed the 1997 Breeders Cup Sprint winner Elmhurst to the farm. Elmhurst, a 1990 gelding by Wild Again, is a grandson of Our Mims.