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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 244816 views.

From: JLNJ


OMG...thanks for having met The Ladies I put nothing past them!!



From: GildersMom


OMRH eBay: Forestry Worn Stallion Halter!

Sire of Shackleford and Discreet Cat:


From: GildersMom


Here's a super special offering on eBay: Elmhurst's very first Mare-sterpiece!

There are some other goodies there, too! :)


From: GildersMom


Immediate prayers needed! Just got a message from Jeanne:

"Emergency! Hana is either having an allergic reaction to pennicillan or lightning traveled through the ground and zapped her. Doc is on his way. One of the needed meds is $50 a shot. She needs two. Things look grim!"

I will update as can...

Donations can be made here:


From: GildersMom


Latest from Jeanne:
Doc says lightning. Hana will be very stiff and sore for weeks and maybe never get back to being completely steady on her feet. 
Hana is stall bound till she can walk safely.
KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


Oh no - Prayers for Hana on the way!


From: LyndaP31


Oh no!!!! how does lightening travel thru the ground and zap anything? yikes!

From: LyndaP31


I just Paypaled $25 to help with the shots

From: jamielsg


Oh no..........our Sweet Hana Bride.............I love you Ms. Hana...........prayers for your strength................

Bumping for any help with Hana's vet bill...................


From: Mimsforever


Just checked on Hana Bride. She is standing. Pretty stiff, still unstable but had enough sense to wipe snot all over the front of my jammies.

Guys, this was scary! Those of you who have visited will be able to visualize the barn. Hana's stall is on the end, left hand side of the bigger barn.

This is the first day of my "vacation" from my paid job. I have two lovely 12 year old girls from Long Island spending a week with the ladies. Its another chance to alert the next generation to our cause. We were saddling horses to go on a trail ride when the the skies darkened.

Naturally, I did not want to scare them when the storm hit. But told them, "Go into the tack room and stay there." They did so immediately.

I had just given Hana (for her sinus infection) two antibiotic shots and was walking away when two very close lightning strikes shook the barn.

I felt them run under my feet sending shock up my spine.

EVERY horse in the barn was going nuts! As soon as the worst of the lightning subsided we released the riding horses tied in the barn aisle, then started opening stall doors. We hadn't heard any tornado sirens but I knew, if I left the ladies in their stalls any longer, they would hurt themselves in their fright.

Hana's was the last door I opened as she is the slowest to leave the barn. She staggered out of the barn, stood in the rain with drool pouring out of her mouth.

I went out and brought her back in, calling the vet as we walked.

I was sure she would die. But we gave her the best medicine available...expensive at $100 for two shots, but it is something that will really help. Hana's muscles and whole body will be VERY stiff...these meds should help ease her discomfort.

Doc says if she doesn't fall and break something between now and the time she regains her balance (could be weeks) she ought to be ok.

Hana will be hand walked while her stall is cleaned, and sponge bathed in linaments until she feels better.

Me, on the other hand, will take more than a few injections. I may need a couple quarts of whiskey, tons of prayers and at least a gallon of Crisp wine.

The ladies are driving me to DRINK!