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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started 12/15/07 by Weldon54; 355012 views.

From: Derby132


Rest easy sweet lady.  And run with the wind with Our Mims.  Two hearts together forever.

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Her invincible spirit will go on…….

The Haven is in mourning. The Ladies are solemn and quiet. Elmhurst stands in the corner of his stall with his head hung down. Everyone here at the Haven is heartbroken. Jeanne Mirabito has passed from this earth and has been welcomed by the souls of loved ones who preceded her.

The beautiful, amazing lady started it all with a promise: a promise to one d...ay take care of the great mare Our Mims. Through perseverance and patience, it came true. With the same drive and determination, she built Our Mims Retirement Haven to forever honor and remember Our Mims.

Jeanne’s dream of a Haven for aged mares came true in no small part because of the support from kindred souls like you, OMRH’s faithful followers. Your donations made the day-to-day operations of the Haven possible and your messages on fb, by text or email and your visits in person always seemed to come at times when Jeanne needed emotional support. We thank you for all you have done.

Even though our hearts are broken, we go on. We will keep her dream alive by taking care of her charges and the place her love, blood, sweat and tears built. We know her spirit will guide us and that your thoughts and prayers will sustain us in our effort to honor Jeanne’s wish that the Haven endures as a place where equine and human souls find peace.

We look to the skies for the heavenly herd to thunder past. In the lead will be Jeanne and Our Mims, following will be a herd of beautiful four-legged and two legged souls. They are together again, forever loving each other, and always loving those of us who they have temporarily left behind.

At this time, we wish to honor her family with privacy in their time of grieving. We will have a celebration of life at a date and time soon to be announced.


From: PattyTx1


I was so saddened to hear of Jeanne's passing.  She was one of the best in the horse rescue community.  The horses will miss her passion and devotion to them.  And her family and friends will miss her relentless spirit.


Rest in Peace Dear Jeanne.  Gone way too soon.


From: Derby132


It is very sad.

It seems like Jeanne should be here with the Ladies but I realize she is now with the Ladies who have passed.  And Our Mims.


From: Lina_TX


Rest in Peace, Jeanne.  The world is a better place for the shining example you left for us all.


From: AmericaBlue1


Jeanne takes so much love with her as she begins her new journey.  Her beloved family, her friends, the ladies and Elmhurst and all her furkids will miss her so, but she will always be near Our Mims, for there is where her heart is and has always been. Via con Dios sweet lady, your heavenly Herd was waiting for you.

gunny101 (Cindy0326)

From: gunny101 (Cindy0326)


So terribly sorry to read this.  She was a diamond and now is a star.  Who will take after the Ladies now??


From: LindaVA3


Ann Cheek has been working for Jeanne for over a year as barn manager.  She will continue to care for the ladies and Elmhurst, with assistance from other volunteers.