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Support Eight Belles' connections   Horse Racing

Started by Russo (Railbird87); 12898 views.
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From: prudery


Lovely post ...

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I have been hoping since this happened that it might have been a stroke, which is what you seem to be describing when you say something was "cut off." Collapsed jugular could equal no blood to the brain with subsequent collapse. Or maybe something else occurred to cause a stroke. Why do I want this to be the answer? Not to place blame on anyone. But I cannot deal with the fact that she was in physical pain, for however long she laid there and maybe, just MAYBE, she stroked out the part of her brain that felt pain in those shattered legs and she didn't feel a thing. God, I hope that is the case. Her death is bad enough; to think she was in pain is too much. I do NOT do well with animals having pain for any reason.
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From: KathyElm


I completely agree...I hate to see animals sick and in pain. They don't understand it and I empathize with their fear over it.

With EB, it just looks like maybe, as she was being pulled up she was fighting it and it caused her to other words, cut off her air supply. It would cause a light headedness, possibly even a "faint" and if she was doing her crossfiring thing, she would not be able to repond quick enough to accomodate the gait change. Just my opinion, I watced the UTube in slow motion and normal speed and it seems like she arched her neck and then proeeded to collapse.



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I think it would be some comfort to know that she only looked as aware as she did. I haven't watched the videos and won't (no guts) but in the still photos I saw she looked pretty alert. I hope not. I prefer to think she was in mental and physical shock and didn't feel much.
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Isn't the little 'b'  blinkers?
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From: hornsix1


I was just looking at some pics of Proud Spell during and after the Oaks and the thought struck me...............
Re: PETA's accusation that Larry Jones used steroids on Eight Belles. Do they even know that he also trains that little filly with the "ballerina" build? Guess he FORGOT to give PS the 'roids, huh?

So glad he fired right back at them and ordered the steroid test as part of the post-mortem! In your face!


From: Lorene1950


Hey Lynda,
Appreciate you printing this article.I can't get into the site. Thank you,