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Top Bunk List-Lights on Brdwy Needs You   Horse Rescue Issues

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LOB in the flesh!



I had the pleasure of seeing Lights this weekend at the Expo- and I was absolutely blown away.  This horse is big, tall, gorgeous and... there is just something about him.  A presence.  Even just standing in his stall, he was special.  And when we took him outside to get pictures later (yes, we got lots of pics- they are coming!) he picked his head up and arched his neck... and truly took my breath away.  (And he is a gorgeous color- kind of a caramel with this metallic red sheen to his coat- I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it... almost like an Akhal- Teke)

I'm an equine artist who has ridden, painted and photographed a LOT of horses over the years, but I can honestly say that there is something special about this horse.

I am so honored to have played a small part by donating to his rescue and immensely grateful to everyone who stepped in to help this guy- I cannot imagine sending him to slaughter.  So often we donate to horses that are across the country or going to private homes- it is an amazing feeling to actually see one who has been rescued in such a unique way like this guy has up close and in person.  Pictures don't do him justice.  Horse rescues like this one give me hope for the future.

Well done, everyone.  LOB is home.  Pics coming soon!

A big thank you to Dallas and Donna- I really enjoyed meeting them, and it's obvious that LOB is being loved on!

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Thanks for the eye witness report!  Looking forward to your pictures, too!!