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Horses We Just Really Like!   Horse Racing

Started 7/29/10 by LindaVA3; 709431 views.

From: LindaVA3


So we've got threads talking about horses pointed to the BC, or to the Travers and the Jim Dandy, etc.  We've got threads for Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra, 3 year old colts, fillies you name it!

A few of us thought it might be fun to have a thread dedicated to horses that we like "just because".  The ones who have caught your eye, at your local track or wherever, who do their best every time, but will never be pointed to go to the Big Dance.

It's fun to follow these horses so if you have a favorite, post a photo, maybe why the horse caught your eye, and let everyone know when they're running so we call all follow along!


From: whitney23187


Very cool!!

I would like to add Goonie Goo Goo---how can ya not love a horse named that? :) Runs in Calif and is 4 i think--if i find pic will add later............thanks for starting this!

eta: Giopi and Gothic Samurai.....Giopi just raced at Saratoga yesterday....... .....Gothic--he is my dancing Aussie--he is just too cute!

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Great idea!

I have been following Quick Quest for several years now. I believe he is 6, previously trained by Tim Woolley. He wins once in a blue moon, but tries hard every time! And he just loves to give the gate crew a hard time when they have to load him! LOL!! Just love the little guy!

Jackieosofabulous is an 8 year old mare that runs locally (Philly Park most of the time) She tries hard each and every time, and she won a race just recently, she shocked me! :) LOL!! Love her spirit!


From: marygran


Great idea, Linda, I will check my virtual stable at home for some horses that I follow.

Mary in MD


From: kentuckytbs


Being a yearling groom, I follow all the horses I've had as yearlings :-) a lot end up going to Europe though and are hard to follow, but the ones in the US are easier ;-)
KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


This is a great idea.  There is a horse that hasn't raced yet I have been following a bit - Laffin Place - can't wait for his first race!

And of course there is Itsmrbillytoyou - that races every other race - is racing again tomorrow I think - ARGGHHH.  And Hanley - another one that races every other week.

Thats all I can think of at the moment.



From: LindaVA3


It just seemed time for a nice fun thread!

From: LindaVA3


OK, my first is my new guy HAM AND ERNIE.  I mentioned him on the Delaware Park thread, he is trained by Hamilton Smith who won the training title at Colonial Downs this year.  I first saw him at CD on Turf Cup Day (he came in third) and then got to see him win at Delaware Park.  Here he is in the winner's circle.

July4105.jpg picture by WalkerVA

The other is a three year old filly named PURPLISH who just broke her maiden a couple weeks ago at Colonial.  No particular reason other than I like her name LOL.  No picture of her though.

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Greg J. (Wookster8)

From: Greg J. (Wookster8)


Too funny Linda!  I was just going to mention Ham & Ernie from seeing him at DP, lol!  OK, I will mention another from that Saturday, the winner of this year's Barbaro's Stakes, the undefeated three year old, Trickmeister!!!!  I hate to admit it, but, prior to seeing him that Saturday, I had never heard of him, he is one to watch!!!

Great idea for a thread!

"Trickmeister"(A little sleepy after his victory, lol):

NicanorSussexStakesandBlindLuck039-1.jpg picture by wookster318

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KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


We can't forget Ham & Ernie - LOL.  Even though she has her own thread - how about that LAVA GIRL.  OK I won't mention her again - but she is my new fav horse!