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Remember Ernie from Horse Feathers?   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 11/17/10 by PiaC (PiaCM); 78379 views.
PiaC (PiaCM)

From: PiaC (PiaCM)


Yeah, he went right in but when he couldn't feel the ground under his feet anymore, he got a little scared. Next time we took him out, there was a giant inflatable swan out there. I got nervous so had my friend take him in the water. He was fine until someone jumped off the swan!

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PiaC (PiaCM)

From: PiaC (PiaCM)


Some exciting developments in Ernie's world!

I've always been told that Ernie is a quarter-Thoroughbred cross. Over the years there were a few things that I thought didn't quite fit with that but maybe I just didn't know enough about horses or strange things happen when you cross breeds, etc. It was never all that important to me - Ernie is Ernie and nothing changes that. But I started having more questions, especially when I bought a saddle and found that he needed a saddle designed for the shorter back of Arabians. And I realized that I've never seen ears like Ernie's on any other horse. And he has this high-stepping floaty extended trot. 
More and more people at my barn were asking questions. He's everyone's favorite horse and gets lots and lots of attention. I found a $40 DNA test that Texas A&M does so I sent off a hair sample. They give you the top three breeds that your horse has genetic markers for, in order. They don't give percentages and there are lots of caveats. But I did it for fun and fully expected to get quarter, TB and some other random breed.

The top three:
  1. Mangalarga
  2. Tennessee Walker
  3. Quarter

If you are like me, you immediately want to Google Mangalarga. I'll save you the trouble. They are Brazil's national horse. Among their traits:
Ears are pointed slightly inward
Large, expressive eyes
Long, triangular face
Well developed hindquarters
Well developed neck 
Carry their heads high
Short, strong back
High set tail
Usually about 15 hands
Silky hair with full manes and tails
Docile, friendly personality
Easygoing, people-loving
Smart and easy to train
Full-breds have a special gait known as a march

Sound like anyone we know????
If that wasn't exciting enough ... in my Googling, I discovered that the largest breeder of Mangalargas in North America is located about 100 miles away from where Ernie was found at auction. I immediately wondered if Ernie might be one of his horses or related to his horses. So, I dashed off an email in which I told him Ernie's story and that I just wanted to know more about the breed and whether it was possible to find out if Ernie might be related to his horses. I included some photos of Ernie, especially those that showed his ears. 

The breeder wrote back the next day with a very nice note - he said that I made his day and that he was happy Ernie found such a good home and that I recognized there was something different about him. About the photos, he said that Ernie's ears were the dead giveaway that he is a Mangalarga. He didn't import his stallion and start his breeding program until the year after Ernie was born. I did some checking in the breed registry and what he says appears to check out. So, Ernie didn't come from his ranch. But, obviously, this guy is big in
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From: gerchgo


What a wonderful and interesting find on Ernie!!!!

What does Ernie think about all this? I’m assuming he is NOT surprised to find out he is a very special kind of horse!! LOL. He’s such a sweetheart!

Let us know what you find out!

thanks for doing the googling for us too!:)

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PiaC (PiaCM)

From: PiaC (PiaCM)


No, he doesn't seem surprised at all. He always knew he was special. 

He's considering only answering to "Ernesto," however!


From: gerchgo


LOL give him a big ole hug for me!:)


From: sandins


Yes,,,,,wondered about the Mangalarga when you said ears,,,,,,,,,,,,,and mine is a TWH,so that might explain his gait! At least mine escaped the cruelty!

do you have a pic,as it has been a long  time since saw him? Wow,,,,,,,,,,still exciting

And how nice for the breeder to respond,,,,,,,,,bet he is wondering,too

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From: ltpfarm


That is very cool....let us know whatever you find out!!

Linda T. in WNY


From: sandins


AAAAAAAawwwwwwwwww          Handsome boy

thanks, Pia,,,,,give him a hug from us?

can still see him as a baby ,,