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Frankel!!!!!   Retired TBs -Past and Present

Started by hornsix1; 66830 views.

From: Trevesmom


If he's anything like those two, he might be able to carry his speed a whole lot further than they think.  That would be great.  I would love to see him in the Derby if there is any hope of him harnessing that speed for a mile and a half.



I confess almost total ignorance re English racing, but I am very fond of this horse because he was named for Bobby Frankel...


From: SmittyCat3


I'll be watching!
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


What a great race he ran!! He is a great runner look forward to seeing him run more as the year goes on.

From: cigarello


awesome; i am so glad Frankel won
KYsally (kwsally)

From: KYsally (kwsally)


Well I finally watched the race - HOLY COW - he was the only horse racing in that race. He was AWESOME!


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From: hornsix1


I've been cleaning all day-- "pre-cleaning" for my Derby Party!
Nice to come back and see so many replies!
If anyone gets wind of where Frankel will go next, please post here!

From: Derby132


Trainer Cecil:

The ovation for Frankel's extraordinary performance started when he had a quarter of a mile still to cover and carried on seamlessly as Cecil welcomed Khalid Abdullah's colour-bearer into the winner's circle.

"That sort of support," said the trainer, whose successful resurgence after health and personal problems has been well documented, "is extremely moving. It makes you feel humble and embarrassed, and, to be honest, pretty weepish."

>>"He rather went to sleep near the end," said Cecil. "He destroyed the others, not himself. But we'll see how he is after today; all options are still open."

Frankel paid tribute to not only the talent of his trainer but, as a grandson of the peerless stallion Sadler's Wells, who died last week at 30, the genes responsible for his own rare and powerful talent. He has on his forehead a white mark in the shape of a brilliant-cut diamond, appropriate enough for this gem among horses.

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From: hornsix1


Thanks for that! I did notice he didn't tear right up thru to the finish line. He's an intelligent animal! Loves to run fast but smart enough to not hurt himself.

"all options are still open" I've read elsewhere that the Derby is still a possibility. Do they mean the *KY* Derby or another Derby, in England? Would they really consider running him in the KY Derby? I mean, it's only 6 days away and he'd have to travel. I've never heard of a horse running with only 6 days off......not recently anyway.


From: Derby132


Epsom Derby.  My thought is Frankel is a brilliant colt, a great one whatever his optimal distance turns out to be.  There is a 10f race Cecil may run him in to see if he can run that distance before making a decision on the Epsom Derby.  It really does not matter if he goes in the Derby or not, he has arrived and he is awesome!  Cecil wil run him appropriately.