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TIER - True Innocents   Horse Rescue Issues

Started 2/13/12 by Whoa4aminnit; 2012 views.
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From: Whoa4aminnit


2/20/2017 at 7:45 pm Virgil galloped across the Rainbow Bridge. Although I somewhat expected this to happen due to Virgil's recent illness, I had held out high hopes he would make it through as he always had before. I am at a loss for words right now. He brought much joy, tons of smiles, lots of hair (HA!) and laughter to those that knew him. Virgil was with us for 5 years, 7 months, 26 days. Goodbye to our Big Teddy Bear of a horse. You were a wonderful Gift and will be well remembered.

Link to Virgil's page on the TIER (True Innocents Equine Rescue) website:


From: Lina_TX


RIP Virgil.  Say hello from us to our many friends at the bridge.

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From: Whoa4aminnit


2017 has started out pretty rough.  Hopefully, the hard times are behind us for a long, long time.

Our wonderful Sammy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was with us for 14 years.  Despite all the efforts by our Vet, he was unable to be saved.  Sammy had a cantaloupe sized stone (enterolith) that caused intestinal blockage and subsequent rupture/leakage.  His heart rate was very high when we arrived at the vet clinic.  The vet ran several tests and told us the prognosis was not good.  We had hoped that if his heart rate could be brought down he might be a candidate for surgery.  He was given may liters of fluids throughout the day and night.  Although his heart rate reduced, Our Vet felt that he could not be saved.

We and the Vet were amazed that Sammy did not exhibit any signs of pain.  There had been no pawing the ground, looking at his flank, rolling or wanting to lie down.  The morning he went to the vet he had been turned out to see if moving around might help and if he had any interest in eating weeds/grass.  He walked about visiting with the other TIER residents and came when I called his name.  He followed me wherever I went.  When we got him to the Vet Clinic he kept wanting to be near me and put his head on my chest.

 I have been a basket case since I received the call from Our Vet stating the treatment wasn't working and having to tell him to let Sammy go.  The deaths of Virgil (chronic diarrhea), Sunny-The Golden Girl (heart failure) and then to suffer the loss of our sweet, sweet Sammy all within 8 days was a bit much for me.  My apologies for not updating sooner, I just took some time to cry.  I think I will be grieving for some time.  It was painful to lose dear Virgil after trying so hard.  The swiftness of Sunny's unexpected heart failure and passing was a shock and I still haven't wrapped my head/heart around it.  Losing Sammy is ...

Having over $2800.00 in Vet bills over a short period of time has wiped out our Emergency Fund and severely depleted our General Fund for pelleted feed for the older horses, senior feed, farrier, etc.  Contributions to help offset these unexpected expenses would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.


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17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45

Riverside, CA 92504

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From: Whoa4aminnit


Hi All!

We are slowly trying to add a little color to offset the barren grounds at TIER thanks to DJ, Sheila, etc. We have Planted tire teapots (plants & mulch were discounted by our neighbor at TIER's prior facility).


Cactus Yard Art (flowers painted by DJ)

Another effort with plants/flowers in Carol's Corner with hopes that the squirrels and rabbits don't kill them all off.

AND......Carol's bench is in place!!  Thanks to Rick L. for his hard work on restoring/painting this bench that I got from Carol's estate.  Rick did a wonderful job and had to replace most of the wood on this bench that Carol Darnell & I sat on at her place in Oklahoma, drank coffee and talked horses.

Speaking of horses.....we have piles and piles of horse hair as everyone is really shedding now!  The ground is a patchwork of horsehair.  (thank you DJ for REALLY brushing Marshall, Woody, Shilo and fuzzy wuzzy Melvin!)  All that shedding burns calories which means it is time to order 1/2 load (256 bales) of HAY! 

We've been frugal with your contributions so that the funds would build up in order to purchase hay.  Good quality alfalfa, fine stem, leafy and soft will run us around $3,400.  We need about $1,100 to purchase the hay and pay for the squeeze which offloads the hay.  Any help with Hay/Squeeze $$ would be greatly appreciated by the TIER residents.  We do have plenty of Teff hay for the donkeys though!  Thank you!


Mailing Address:

17130 Van Buren Blvd., #45

Riverside, CA 92504

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From: Whoa4aminnit


For some reason the pictures didn't load when I originally posted the above.  Hopefully I have that fixed now.