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Wise Dan   Retired TBs -Past and Present

Started 7/4/13 by Derby132; 93330 views.
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From: wishbone


Wise Dan is the best horse in the US.  Period.  Better than Fort Larned, better than Game On Dude.  I personally witnessed the Firecracker, and let me tell you Wise Dan was bounced from pillar to post in that race.  The other 4 riders in there were basically trying to beat him by keeping him hemmed in the whole way.  So, what does Wise Dan do?  On a waterlooged turf course, he bulls his way through a hole that really isn't even there, scrapes his hide on the hedge, and beats them with brute force....carrying128 lbs,  11+ lbs more than all of his rivals.  It was incredible.  I also got to see Fort Larned in the Foster this summer, and it was an awesome performance.  He's a superhorse when he's on the lead...when he doesn't get the lead, not so much.  It's the same with Game On Dude.  I'd like to see all 3 go head to head to head at some point this year, but I doubt that will really happen.

From: KathyF49


I love his name

From: LindaVA3


Great horses (with their jockey's help) figure out a way to win, regardless.  Love that you got to see his performance in person.  On TV that encounter with the hedge was pretty scary looking!

From: Derby132


It was obvious he was hemmed in pretty good.  Memorable race - neat that you got to see it live. 
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From: Derby132


Indeed he is.

Wise Dan: America's Horse

Some say horse racing is a dying sport and although this theory can be disputed, it is clear that the general public should have greater exposure to the industry we love, allowing them to see the beauty and excitement of racing. And one of the best ways for them to experience this is through horses like Wise Dan.


From: gerchgo


Well said! Go Wise Dan!!!!

From: LCsquall


Thanks for this horse!!!
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From: Derby132


Go DAN!! 

Oh Canada! Wise Dan to Head North for Woodbine Mile

Wise Dan, reigning Horse of the Year in the U.S., will arrive at Woodbine on Friday morning to defend his title in Sunday’s $1-million Ricoh Woodbine Mile.

Wise Dan, who was clocked in :59-flat over the Keeneland main strip on September 4, will put in his final Woodbine Mile prep on Tuesday morning at Keeneland.

“It’s not going to be a real serious one, he had a good one last week in :58 and change, out in :11. We’ll let him do a little half-mile or three-furlong breeze just to keep him ticking over. He’s really fit and ready to go,” said LoPresti.