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Old Friends news   Retired TBs -Past and Present

Started 7/21/15 by gerchgo; 153165 views.

From: Derby132


Barbara Livingston  just posted photos of the barn burned completely to the ground and this comment:

After the fire, this morning at Old Friends. The quarantine barn was a complete loss but thanks to quick-responding staff, both Alphabet Soup and Archie's Echo were removed safely.

No one from the farm was injured, although apparently one firefighter was injured when they fell on the ice, according to reports.

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From: Derby132


The back story on Archie's Echo - saved from the kill pen at 26 yrs. old.


From: cigarello


   Thanks for posting this uplifting yet tragic story ---when i read stories like this, and see pics of the horse when he was a young race horse, i ask myself, how the hell did he wind up in a kill pen


From: lindawilbe


Thanks for the link.

Thank goodness no people or horses were hurt!

Linda J.

Northeast Philly


From: gerchgo


Good news!

A fire at Old Friends destroyed an 8-stall Hospital Barn. No horses were lost or injured.

GEORGETOWN, KY - JANUARY 28, 2016 - On January 24, 2016, fire destroyed a "hospital" barn at the Old Friends farm in Georgetown, KY. Old Friends is a retirement sanctuary for more than 150 Thoroughbreds, including such racetrack heroes as Silver Charm, Sarava, Alphabet Soup, War Emblem and Game On Dude.

Today, Old Friends founder and President Michael Blowen announced that Fasig-Tipton, through its subsidiary Blue Horse Charities, has donated $50,000 towards the rebuilding of this structure, which in the future will be known as "The John Hettinger Memorial Barn".

"Blue Horse Charities was conceived and created by John Hettinger," noted Fasig-Tipton President Boyd Browning, "during the time of his family's ownership of the company. We are delighted that Old Friends will name the new barn in John's honor."

"John Hettinger's commitment to caring for Thoroughbreds in retirement was unparalleled," said Blowen. "I remember many years ago sitting on John's porch in Saratoga discussing what we needed to do to protect these retired racehorses. I think he would have loved Old Friends as much as we love him. Blue Horse's $50,000 donation is like hitting the Pick 6 without even buying a ticket!"

Blowen noted that all of the donations received will go to re-building a new, fire-safe hospital barn and also to updating and fire-proofing the larger, main barn on the organization's property.


From: Derby132


Oh I love that they are naming this after John Hettinger.  He founded my favorite horse rescue charity - Akindale Farm.


From: LindaVA3


That's awesome news!


From: cigarello


 Please read this article written when Mr. Hettinger passed away in 2010. He was a friend to horses and fought hard against slaughter.

I am happy they are paying tribute to this great horse loving wonderful man by naming the barn/hospital after him.