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Old Friends news   Retired TBs -Past and Present

Started 7/21/15 by gerchgo; 165227 views.
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


So exciting to have him back in the U.S. And just in time for the BC!! :)

From: Derby132


How wonderful!


From: JoanRoya


wonderful news....thank you


From: jamielsg


I hope Victor visits War Emblem!  I know I sure will:)  Very glad he's coming home to stay.......




From: cigarello


Awesome news about War Emblem

From: lindawilbe


This is great news!

Linda J.

Northeast Philly


From: gerchgo


Newsletter from Old Friends:
GEORGETOWN, KY - JULY 28, 2015 - Old Friends, the Thoroughbred Retirement Farm in Georgetown, KY, has received a $15,000 grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®).

Old Friends founder and President Michael Blowen made the announcement today.

The grant is part of the ASPCA's "Rescuing Racers Initiative," which was established in 2009 to support horses impacted by the racing industry. Old Friends received two previous grants under this initiative, in 2010 and 2011, which were used for run-in sheds and the construction of new paddocks.

These project funds will be also be used to construct new run-in sheds on Old Friends' expanded Georgetown facility.

Old Friends supports more than 150 retired racehorses in all, including a dozen on its satellite facility in New York, Old Friends at Cabin Creek: The Bobby Frankel Division.

Most recently Old Friends permanently retired Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Silver Charm, multiple Grade 1 winner Game On Dude and Breeders' Cup Sprint Champion Amazombie. The organization will welcome a second Kentucky Derby champion, 2002 winner War Emblem, in the fall.

The farm is open to tourists daily by appointment.

"We are so grateful for this funding and for the continued assistance from the ASPCA," said Blowen. "Our horses live out most of the time, and run-in sheds are crucial to their well-being. This grant will help us prepare now for the coming winter," Blowen added. "We appreciate the support and confidence the ASPCA has in Old Friends to continue its mission."

"The ASPCA is pleased to award Old Friends this grant to assist their efforts to offer sanctuary to so many of the Thoroughbred racing industry's retired stallions - as well as others," said Jacque Schultz, senior director of the ASPCA Equine Fund. "The equine rescues and sanctuaries that take in these retirees provide them with the professional services and time necessary to recover from the physical demands of life on the racetrack. We are grateful to have the resources to help them meet their goal of providing aftercare to retired racers."

In 2014, the ASPCA awarded over $1.1 million in grants to support 169 equine rescues and sanctuaries across the country. The grants were primarily awarded as part of the ASPCA Equine Fund, which provides life-saving resources - including financial assistance, in-person and online training, and sharing of best practices - to support non-profit equine welfare organizations.

For more information contact Old Friends at (502) 863-1775.


From: gerchgo


Newsletter from Old Friends
They are needing to raise money to transport War Emblem home, here are the details:

In case you haven't heard, the Yoshida Family and everyone at their Shadai Stallion Farm in Japan have graciously donated this wonderful champion to Old Friends, and we are now raising money for his return trip to the United States. For this campaign we're asking his biggest fans to help sponsor him.

We are asking 300 supporters to donate $202 (War Emblem won the Derby and Preakness in 2002). As a memento, each donor will receive a numbered, limited edition certificate autographed by Bob Baffert and Victor Espinoza that will designate them as a member of War Emblem's inner circle. Donors also receive a special invitation to join us at Old Friends for a welcome home party, a date for which is yet to be set.

You can order a share by sending a check made out to Old Friends (indicate it's for War Emblem) or by calling the office with a credit card (502-863-1775).

Thanks to all who have already donated. We are about a third of the way toward our goal. We hope to start shipping the certificates out in a just a few weeks.


From: Derby132


Thanks for posting this.