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Old Friends news   Retired TBs -Past and Present

Started 7/21/15 by gerchgo; 113159 views.

From: Flurry84


Racing seems to be from France and some in the states on TVG this afternoon.  

How nice that you and a grandchild will visit OF in the summer.  That will be great!


From: Derby132


Oh awesome.  This is one horse I want to meet.



From: cigarello


   so happy for this horse to be at such a great place

 i didnt realize he sired Blind Luck-- just another reason to love him!!!


From: Flurry84


Such a terrific story.


From: Derby132


I've always loved Pollard's Vision being named for Red Pollard.  Red Pollard was a person tormented by personal devils according to his daughter, Norah.  I have the book of poems she wrote about life with her father.  There is also a CD and it is very emotional and poignant to listen to.

One poem:


Whatever possessed you to climb that first horse,

    clutch his barrel with your skinny legs

    and, hanging on to mane like mad,

     steal that crazy ride across the carnival field

    when you were ten and new to horses that same day?

What were you conspiring with them later

    when you stole into their stalls,

    the dark horses immense, breathing

    and stomping in the dark,

    rubbing their muzzles on your shoulder,

    their wet breath crismal on your neck?

Did you think you would marry them?

Did you think you would mount their

    roan backs and ride out your life in circles

    under Santa Anita’s big blue sky?

Did you make up your mind to become horse?

And years later during those golden races,

    when you’d break from the gate

     did you think of anything but the blood rhythm

     of those hooves under colors,

     the furious speed you governed with your hands?

Did you urge on your bay in tongues?

Down the homestretch, were you filled with sudden

    love for the rider you were overtaking?

And later, in the shed-rows, with the grooms walking

 the hots, rubbing them down,

 in all that sweet smell of manure and hay and sweat,

                 what did they say to you, the horses?

What did the horses say?

Tell me about the horses.

Link to Norah's book and cd:


From: cigarello


Thank you for posting that poem--absolutely love it!!!!!  she is a very fine poet!!!

is she still alive????


From: Derby132


Yes she is and she sometimes does speaking engagements to read her poetry.


From: Derby132


Blind Luck got her name due to her sire, Pollard's Vision.  PV named for Jockey Red Pollard who was blind in one eye.


From: gerchgo


War Emblem died from intestine rupture

War Emblem at Old Friends (Photo: Laura Battles)
GEORGETOWN, KY - MARCH 24, 2020  -  Michael Blowen, founder and President of Old Friends, the nonprofit Thoroughbred Retirement Farm based in Kentucky, today released the findings of the necropsy report regarding the recent passing of 2002 Kentucky Derby - Preakness winner War Emblem.
War Emblem, 21, was found deceased at Old Friends on March 11, 2020 after what was initially perceived to be a fatal paddock accident. A full medical report was, at that time, pending.
The following statement was issued by Old Friends resident veterinarian, Dr. Bryan Waldridge of Park Equine Hospital in Versailles, KY:
"After War Emblem's sudden death, a complete necropsy was performed at the University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. The cause of death was ruptured small intestine. The cause of the tear in his small intestine could not be determined by anatomic or microscopic examination. No strangulation or displacement of the small intestine was present. Rupture of the small intestine without a predisposing cause is an uncommon and, unfortunately, fatal injury. "
"We were very proud to be given the opportunity to repatriate War Emblem when his stallion career came to an end, and we were lucky enough to have him with us for nearly five years," said Blowen. "His great speed, great beauty, intelligence, and distinct personality made him one of our most popular and beloved retirees, visited by hundreds of fans weekly, even in our off season.
"Our entire staff was devastated by his unexpected passing," Blowen added. "We'll all miss him terribly."

From: Derby132


Awful.  I hope it was quick.  He was a legend.