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Horse Feathers 4/29/2017 Shelter Damage   Horse Rescue Issues

Started 5/1/17 by RT (plainswindr); 397 views.
RT (plainswindr)

From: RT (plainswindr)


Well we started Goldie's 10th birthday on April 29 off with a bang, and not the kind we wanted. Storms blew through here, pretty scary and we lost the shelter on her side. It tore it up concrete and all. The winds were from the north but it blew the shelter to the west. Sunday 4/30 Safe Haven came up from Texas and helped us pull everything apart and load on trailer to get it out for safety. They are wonderful folks who helped during the May 2013 tornados and they drove 5 hours up, worked 3 and then headed back to do recovery with the Canton, TX tornados. Saturday afternoon it was cold and raining but Viet and I went up and put tposts around the area with some hot wire rope to keep horses out of the area. We were able to straighten out the tposts and fence on that side and later need to concrete the corner post again.

We currently have raised $155 towards a new one and need to raise $1500 more. We are looking for donations to help Goldie's pasture get a new shelter. We can begin construction May 6th when we have a work day. We are in need of 4x4x16 posts, siding, other new boards and concrete. We will begin going through the remnants on the trailer to see what can be re-used. Most of it was shattered. If you want to help you can PayPal to: or checks to: Horse Feathers Equine Center, PO Box 1372, Guthrie, OK 73044 We have the barn and loft barn insured but "outbuildings/shelters" are not included.