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Started Jan-21 by NWFLAFOB; 705 views.



Twice each year FOB Lou Ann reminds us to take a moment to remember Barbaro on his earthly birthday, 29 April, and his Heavenly birthday, 29 January.   Here is what she shared to the email group and what I posted on face book for her.  Remember, this 'gathering' is for any time - day or evening - on 29 January.

A Remembrance for Barbaro
04/29/2003 - 01/29/2007

January 29, 2020
7:00 p.m. EST
Please join in at absolutely any time of the day wherever you may be.

Your years here on earth, honey, were far too few,
but the hearts you touched are beyond measure.

For all of us who love and salute him,
please join in remembering
Barbaro . . .

Offer your favorite tribute,
your own special words to him,
light a candle, raise a toast, offer a prayer,
a donation to UPENN or a favorite rescue,
be a voice for our wild horses and burros,
in Barbaro's honor,
just a quiet moment,
however you like to honor
our beloved champion . . .

We love you for eternity, Barbaro!
Run with the angels honey!


Remember Me
When you hear the thunder
remember me
for those are my hoof beats
upon your heart
deep in the night.
Do not fear the lightning
for my hooves strike sparks
so you may see
in your darkest hour.
And when the rain falls
remember me
for those are my tears of joy
as I run with the sky herd
free of rein and pain and heavy burden.
Look up and remember me
for you will see the shape of my
fiery head thrown high
among the clouds,
warmed by sun but even more
because you remember me.
--by Harriette Brillianthawk Gill, FOB Kentucky


From: gerchgo


Thanks for posting, Linda!


From: cigarello


 Thank you for reminding us to take a moment to remember the great ill-fated Barbaro, for he is the reason we are all here, after all. 

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When I received the email notification containing Lou Ann's reminder, I told her I'd share on face book and here and responded with the below thoughts.   There are times, I admit to wondering if Barbaro is still "with me".  We get busy with our lives, our other interests, time puts distance between us and the events of 2006 and 2007.  Is it truly possible for that connection to remain?  Well, I say yes it is.  It's right there tucked away in our heart, in its hard won spot, ready to remind us when Barbaro's spirit is near.  For that, I am so very thankful and honored.

29 January and 29 April will forever be highlighted days on my calendar and in my heart till it beats its last.  Each year that passes takes us farther from the events of those days in Kentucky, then Maryland, and to the heartbreaking conclusion in Pennsylvania.  But, distance in time and distance in miles can not serve to diminish the spark that was lit when we watched Barbaro literally run away with the Derby, when we witnessed that awful
day two weeks later, and as we accompanied him and his connections on the journey to his destiny.  It was not the destiny anyone of us or those closest to him wanted but it was the one he was meant to fulfill for reasons far greater than any of us could have imagined at the time.  He seemed to know, though, and met it courageously and with dignity.
I heard Tina Turner's "Simply the Best" played on TV yesterday and, Lordy sakes, got hit with unexpected tears.  Because Our Boy was and always will be "Simply the Best".   I am still beyond honored to have been hoof picked by him to be a part of his famblee.  He is a true Champion for all time.  He personifies in an imperfect world a horse, a personality, a Spirit that is Simply the Best, that is perfect.

From: sandins


His presence and LIFE started a cascade of events for the horse world and beyond as we remember his strength and will to live thru many surgeries and stall rest for so long. He connected people who never would have come together to rescue, cheer,learn and honor all horses,and, for me, stop the last slaughter house in DeKalb and the US,,,,,,,,,,,and also,,,,,,,,to try to save the Wild Mustangs and Burros of the West.

One Horse, Barbaro,,,,,had this giant effect.

We honor his life,as we remember, with tears, !/29

Think The Barbaro Effect is presented today at Tufts by Dr Dan Dreyfuss, the first vet to examine Barbaro after his accident at Pimlico,,,,he is in Alex's book,,,,,,,,,so he does live on,not just in hearts around the world, but in those who knew and treated him.

Love is Good


From: lindawilbe


Thank you so much for this notice...I will be praying at that time.

Linda J.

Northeast Philly


From: Flurry84


Hard to believe it is now January 29.  We will think of Barbaro today as we often do in our lives.  Wondering what might have been and knowing he is always in our hearts.


From: gerchgo


Always remembering Barbaro, he is in our hearts forever!!

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From: LuvBarbaro


I read the 19 poems every  day I wrote over the years to the courageous  champion in so many hearts.  Remember him every day.  Each momento  of him I cherish and will be given  to charity in his name when the time comes.

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From: csantovena


This is the one hurt  in my life that won't go away