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Jason Servis/ Jorge Navarro arrested for doping   Horse Racing

Started 3/9/20 by Amy (1pony); 47603 views.
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


Looks like at least one of Navarros owners knew about the doping. What we don’t know is which one. 

It seems at least one owner was aware of Navarro's drug program. The indictment makes reference to a call with unidentified operators of a racing stable based in California about Navarro trainee Nanoosh. The owner asked if Navarro was “giving them all the [censored]” and asking “Is this horse jacked out? Is he on [censored] pills or what…” to which Navarro responded “Everything … he gets everything.”

Nanoosh is listed in Equibase as being co-owned by Rockingham Ranch, Zayat Stables and David Bernsen. Zayat Stables is based in New Jersey.

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From: gerchgo


Scratched horses and a CA investigation themselves. So what are they investigating that the Feds haven’t? Other trainers at their tracks?

Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


Scratching horses is the correct way to handle it because there will not be someone with a license to run them this soon. 
I missed the part about CA investigations where was that?


From: poochluv2


I am so very distraught about the horse doping scandal. Involving two specific trainers.  I never really liked JAson interviews there was something detached in talking about his relationship to his horse.  However,still never connected him with illegal drug use.  It is really despicable that the XYJet who was given the drug,died of a heart attack some months ago— suggested it is related to be given these drugs . Then when we all were excited about the Maximum Security win at Dubai , this victory was fake and question if he ran cleanly,would he still would have won!  I am not sure what notable horses Navarro was connected to ,but he also is a slime ball.  The criminality of these trainers leaves horse lovers  incredibly disappointed and angry that a noble sport is so tainted by greed.  And these equine athletes are exploited !