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New Intakes-May/June-Horse Feathers Ok   Horse Rescue Issues

Started Jun-9 by RT (plainswindr); 71 views.
RT (plainswindr)

From: RT (plainswindr)


Well its been a long time since Ive posted here that we have had new TB intakes. One someone pulled a gelding from Kill Buyers, he was transported to Oakridge and she asked if we could take him due to his injuries and work my magic ?? as much as possible. So "Bruno" is here,  will be great program horse while we are trying to find out who the hell he is. I cant stand KB's and the people who drop from track to there. ?? They want to play sneak about the papers on the horses. 

The second is a poor mare that Ive whittled her name down to Fantabulous but cant confirm yet. Her "owner" passed last year and so the family left with some dit wit living in the woods basically who left her out there starving and covered in ticks. I was taken out by Sheriff's Dept and the guy surrendered her, I immediately took to Oakridge and we cut a sarcoid off her face and did bloodwork. Better to get her out than go through the battle over her and all the family pointing fingers...????  So until we know for sure who she is we are calling her Bonnie. Shes been abused at some point and these "folks" down there are known to be really rough on horses. 

As always we can use help with things like shavings, feed, etc. Bruno is making a good babysitter for Popcorn the orphan who came in last year. Learning some manners??

If wanting to help you can PayPal to: use Friends/Family so no fees or checks can go to: Horse Feathers Equine Center, 6320 N Highway 74C, Guthrie, OK 73044  

We also have option that you can call feed store and put on credit card or our vet the same--

Cooks Outdoor and Feed  405-478-2327

Oakridge Equine Hospital   405-359-5002