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DECEMBER $5 WINNER IS....................   Dogs and Cats and ...

Started Dec-1 by NWFLAFOB; 1099 views.



Happy December 1st everyone!   Our rescue this month is Fox Valley Humane Association - we donated to them back in 2016 also.

For PayPal go to website for that link .    For mailing a a check, use this address: Fox Valley Humane Association, N115 Two Mile Road, Appleton, WI  54914

As always, please annotate FOB Donation and they know we don't expect individual acknowledgements.   Please let me know when you've seen and sent.

Thanks to each and every one of you for continuing to represent Barbaro's Legacy.

Merry Christmas to all of you and here's hoping 2021 is a better one for us all.

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From: hatchery1


Hi, Linda,

I sent $15.00 by Paypal to Fox Valley Pets.  So happy we still have this club, thanks to you. Especially in this horrible year, I feel like our donations are really helping out these small rescues all over the country.

Wishing you and all FOBs a very Merry Christmas, and a better New Year!

Tricia K.

Barbaro will lead the way...

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Thanks so much for your late input, Sandy.   Unlike you did to me when I merely gave the courtesy of letting you know on facebook that a rescue you once liked enough to nominate had been selected, I won't cut you off, tell you to take your comments elsewhere, or shut down your input.     For perspective, keep in mind there are way more folks nominating rescues than there are sitting on this side of the effort where I sit.  If someone has a change of heart, until my crystal ball arrives via Amazon, they're just gonna have to speak out as to their change of heart.  I will not try to intuit what everyone thinks all these years later.  I will not try to second guess what happens within rescues.  I will not alter the method I've used all these years.  As I explained to you, I notify the receiving rescue well before the end of the month that they will be getting FOB donations the following month.  I had already notified Fox Valley and received a thank you from them.  I will not rescind this group's generosity.  This rescue that you nominated will likely not come around again in the recipient rotation so don't worry about that.  Sorry for your experience with them - how many do you suppose have had good experiences?   You may not think you were argumentative but who knows because it's pretty contentious to come here and tell people not to donate to a group helping animals - which, after all, is what we're here to do.  The animals being helped don't really care how big or small the organization is - they just see a helping hand.   I'll say again -wow.




Thanks, Tricia!   I know our donations each month mean a lot to the people who work so hard in addition to the critters who benefit from them.   My thanks to you and everyone else who has stayed with our monthly efforts after all these years.   Barbaro's legacy keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas to you and, yes, here's hoping for a much better New Year!

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Only part of your scattershot input I'll respond to because it's actually relevant to the faith folks might have in the rescues to which we donate is your request I drop this rescue - you only asked for Fox Valley removal after you were courtesy notified they'd been selected.  As I explained to you then, I'd already notified them about December donations and was not going to take back that offer.  I check out the websites provided each month to get a sense of their history, comments regarding activities/experiences, current status, etc.   It's sad you had a bad experience with them and I am surprised you didn't remember at that time that you'd taken the steps to nominate them for inclusion in our monthly effort - THAT would have been the time to contact me.


From: sandins


Obviously, any incidents, including my own, happened after I nominated I don't follow your link here, would not think of notifying you. It was a small part of my support, as I sponser others......including wild Mustangs. Have stopped with your rescues, long ago. Rescues are also gone from this forum and gone, period. And we have lost so many people in that period, who were big supporters, of rescues. And, if I had been notified in '16. would surely have asked for removal. When you "courtesy" notified me now, it was too late for removal. So, I guess, the whole issue is mine, as I nominated "before '14, 6 yrs ago."


From: DJoAnn


$20 to Fox Valley!   Thank you for doing this!

with love, jodie




Thank you, Jodie, and thanks for being here.

Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas evergreen_tree