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Road to the Kentucky Derby 2021   Horse Racing

Started 12/19/20 by gerchgo; 31026 views.
Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


Baffert is a great trainer, unfortunately many people in the industry think he dopes his horses because they win. 
He has been a bit sloppy of late and while he has 5 recent bad tests they are not all within 1 year.

Justify’s was 3 years ago and this was explained as a food contamination. Other trainers had the same positive come up at the same time.

Charlatan and his other runner at Oaklawn last year ended up being tossed, there was also another horse that day that came back as a Lidocaine positive.

Gamine in the Oaks last year was a legal thereputic that was administered 18 days before the race, the withdrawal period is 14 days. Once again if CDI pre tested for all substances this would have shown up.

MS same thing full pre testing would have shown the topical as a positive and they could have stopped use early and no positive.


From: lindawilbe


I do too. The casual person, who only views the Triple Crown races, most likely feels Medina Spirit not winning the Preakness and coming in 3rd means he was "juiced". We know better than that.

Hopefully, the Horse Racing Integrity Act will pass. 

Linda J.

Northeast Philly