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Medina Spirit Derby positive    Horse Racing

Started 5/10/21 by Amy (1pony); 35479 views.

From: poochluv2


I totally agree with your very well written piece on the Baffert fiasco with Medina!  I think in order to maintain the integrity of horse racing or any sport, it is vital to deal with facts and know we shall should be held to the same standards and laws.  I think for those who are big Baffert fans, it might be disappointing to read about the charge, but need to recognize accountability is important. I personally think that with the large amount of horses in his barns, Baffert abdicates a lot of responsibilities to his assistant trainers, and others to carry on day to day operations,so he might not have been aware of what was going on . However,that is not a valid excuse for a trainer who in his 60’s has been around the sport for many years! He is ultimately responsible ,and the truth must come out! There are trainers like Richard Mandella,Mark Casse, Graham Motion who are closely involved personally  with their horses,and have clean records.  I cannot feel sorry for a trainer who has 29 violations against him over the years! 


From: CathyMcNY


I found it hard to enjoy the Preakness TV coverage today with all the negative attention on Baffert and the drug violations.  It certainly casts racing in bad light.   If all the other trainers can make it through the intricacies of all the medication requirements and rules, why can’t Baffert?   Baffert in the past year came up with drug positives in the Arkansas Derby, then the Kentucky Oaks and then the Kentucky Derby.  Really?!    When they interviewed Chad Brown and Todd Pletcher today,while they didn’t directly accuse Baffert, you could see both trainers were troubled by all this attention and the integrity of thoroughbred racing by the answers they gave.

You’re right, it’s about accountability.   If last year’s violations weren’t a wake up call for Baffert, this violation better be.  I was relieved and so pleased when Rombauer won today.  So nice for his team.


From: lindawilbe


Very sad for Median Spirit.  Wonder when we will know if Mandaloun officially won the Derby.

Linda J.

Northeast Philly


From: sandins


Still in contention? That darn BB......sad for "rash" is worth losing the KD for



From: gerchgo


Apparently there’s no rule on when a split sample should be sent for testing.....

After Dr. Bruce Howard confirmed Medina Spirit’s split sample had not been shipped Tuesday morning, the KHRC moved into blackout mode. A spokesman said no further updates would be provided until the testing was complete.

Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


Which makes the fact that he cannot enter CDI or NYRA races even Moreau fair.


From: cigarello


 I feel so bad for the horse-- he ran so hard and did so well- it is just a terrible shame, but it is no 


Amy (1pony)

From: Amy (1pony)


There will be a full hearing, this is not over. Yes the horse had Betamethasone in his system, unfortunately but this was not administered as a performance enhancer. 
He ran the race of his life and may lose the title of Derby winner.

I do believe we will see this gutsy horse winning Grade 1’s yet this year and beating the same horses. 


From: gerchgo


I love the heart of this horse! But Baffert’s mismanagement of his care should be acknowledged and punished some way, he has gotten away with this before. I always feel bad for the horse, he didn’t do this to himself.