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NOVEMBER $5 WINNER IS..............   Dogs and Cats and ...

Started 11/1/22 by NWFLAFOB; 440 views.



Thank you, Amy.  We've donated twice before to this group.  They do good work.

Have come to conclusion dogs this age are meant for young people!!!   They are exhausting.  The brown boy is an old soul and very easy going.  The black girl?  Not so much.  They've done pretty well in their crates at night.  We've introduced them to the other two dogs.  The oldest one, Gracie, was a worry but she has been handling the newbies really well.  Here's a photo I took earlier today.  They now have access to front and back yard.  I sat out on the porch with them as they experienced everything for first time.  I removed all chewable objects and hung a basket from the ceiling to hold a leash and my rain shoes.  He gets a final wormer tomorrow.  She gets spayed on Tuesday (prayers, please, she doesn't go into heat before then).  He goes in Thursday for booster and rabies - he was in too poor condition to do it at first visit.  Then I'll set up neuter appt for him.   See?  I'm exhausted!!!

May be an image of dog


From: amycapshaw


Aw, they are both so cute! I don't remember how old they are?

It really is lots of work to take care of young dogs and give them the health care and training that they need. But my guess is once they mature some, they will be a couple of wonderful companions.

Good luck with the spay surgery of course. I think all will be well. Thank you for giving them care and a happy home. I was struck by what you said about them experiencing everything for the first time. They are on a fun journey of discovery!

Hang in there and know that you are doing such good by them!





Amy, based on their teeth, vet estimated they're 8 months old.  Still full of all that puppy exuberance.  I can't help but laugh at the accuracy of the joke as told from a dog's perspective "My name is NoNoNo dammit NO!!"    I find myself saying no a lot!!