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OCTOBER $5 WINNER IS.....................   Dogs and Cats and ...

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Well, here I am acting as if I had good sense.  Made my donation to this month's 501c3 and then forgot to share the info with y'all!   This month Boxer Butts and Other Mutts (say that three times real fast!) is October's recipient.  

For credit card/PayPal donations, go to their website for that link  

For mailing in a donation, Boxer Butts & Other Mutts, 108 Schermerhorn Ln., Arden, NC 28704

Please annotate FOB donation and let me know when you've seen and sent.


For those following my Scooter's post rattlesnake bite recovery - he's doing really well from the bite.  However, his red blood cell count went down a few points at last week's post-transfusion followup.  Vet assured me his body wasn't rejecting the new blood - that would have happened much sooner after the transfusion.  Another med was added and we go for another recheck this coming Wednesday.  From his behavior, you'd never know there was anything wrong.  Gums pink, appetite voracious, behavior obnoxious.  We are in kind of an experimental balancing act to accomodate the seizure meds he's taking and new problems as they arise.


From: hatchery1


Linda, I sent my $25 by PayPal to Boxer Butts and Other Mutts.  Love the name of this rescue!

So glad to hear that Scooter is doing well.  The vets will be able to regulate him, and he'll continue to beat the odds after that terrible snake bite!

Tricia K.

Barbaro will lead the way...


From: PattyTx1


Hi Linda,

Just saw your post and donated to this month's dog rescue by PayPal.

As long as Scooter is obnoxious, you are OK!!




Thanks, Tricia.

The vet taking care of Scooter is truly awesome.  I really appreciated the fact on top of all the care for him, she made sure to update me at least twice daily while he was in the clinic.  He's a lucky little dude.




Thanks, Patty.

Yes, an obnoxious Scooter is a healthy Scooter!


From: cigarello


Hi Linda: just donated

Hope Scooter is continuing to recover!!!!!




Thank you, Marilyn.

Scooter is doing really well.  Considering everything his little body went thru after the rattlesnake bite, he's truly a miracle.  He had another followup blood work done last week and his good blood count went up just a little and the white cell count dropped a little - both good things.  After altering the dosage for his seizure meds (one of which eliminated completely when he began staggering when walking immediately following the initial antivenom treatments - unsteadiness is a possible but rare side effect of that med), he began having more seizures.  They'd dropped to one or two a month but he had nine prior to the October appointment.  Bloodwork showed a much lower than therapeutic level of phenobarbital so that dosage was adjusted upwards.  Both the vet and I agreed (I study up on everything when one of the critters is having problems so I can talk and understand what's happening) that all the things his body experienced possibly altered his metabolism enough to make the unsteady gait side effect possible.  Now that his body is clear of venom, antivenom and the blood he received via the transfusion, we restarted him on that seizure med.  It is known to take up to 4 months to take full effect so we shall see.  But I think just with the increase in phenobarbital, the seizures have lessened.

Sorry to go on and on but once I start detailing the medical evolution, I can't stop!  The more I focus on the facts in order to share them, the better grip I have on what is happening which sometimes allows me to come up with different ideas.  Bottom line, when I look at him I truly do see a miracle.  An annoying, expensive one but a miracle I love!


From: cigarello


Scooter is truly a miracle-- I get anxious just reading about the snake bite and what happened to the poor baby.  You are such a good and caring mom ----Sounds like everything you are doing is helping him recover.    Take care



From: amycapshaw


Well, I completely spaced out in October and I'm just now sending in my donation to Boxer Butts. Sorry about that! But I finally remember and just sent it through PayPal.

How is Scooter doing?






Thank you, Amy.  I know Boxer Butts appreciates the donation no matter when they receive it!

Scooter is an absolute miracle.  We go back on the 17th for a CBC check.  As for snake bite after effects, I don't think there are any.  The anemia, possibly from reaction to the antivenom, seems to be in remission.  Last blood check all the numbers were headed in good directions.  The main concern was the increased frequency of his seizures.  He had nine mild to fairly mild seizures the first 18 days of October.  The vet and I were of same mindset (I did a ton of research) that the seizure drug we eliminated to end his wobbliness needed to be added back in.  Thought being all his little body went thru altered his metabolism/ability to absorb the drug and that caused the ataxia (unsteadiness).  So, we added it and he has only had one seizure since that date.  I truly think that event was caused by me forgetting to give him his phenobarbital that morning.  First time that's ever happened!  All in all, he's a happy, healthy little guy.    Thank you for asking!!