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From: Guest


Hey everyone.. here is a press release and June and July track  lists - all as PDFs..this way we are free to e-mail them if we wish

i am mailing out on Monday to all tracks, state racing commissions NTRA TOBA JC and the major publications like bloodhorse  etc..

I am sending this out anonymously - just as FOR INESPERADO with an e-mail contact address..  i will report any comments questons etc back to all of you here..

Thanks a millon - we did great work!! now we will see if we can use it to make a difference!!


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From: SusaninSoTX


Poor Coin of Truth was euthanized.
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From: betonbill


27 pages--they are going to have a cow!!!  I am in awe of this (in both a good way and a bad way, of course). 
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From: Guest


Hey sth:

Amazing.  What a great job of putting all this together.  Absolutely, amazing.

When we are all working separately on our individual tracks, the huge significance of what we are doing is not apparent.  Now we see the results of our work, after only two months or so, and it is impressive.

Surely we will make a difference in the lives of all race horses, and that is a good thing.

It will be interesting to see how the various organizations respond.

Great job everyone.


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From: Guest


yes!! This has NEVER been done before and I am so grateful to everyone who agreed to watch the tracks!!

We all  know of the various sites that have Memorials and some accounting of injuries and deaths.. They are beautiful and wonderful for their intended purpose - honoring the fallen horses.. This must be done. But no one has has ever gathered this data so sytematically for the express purpose of using it to promote industry change..

In addition to the good that it will do for the horses, i also think it is an incredible testiment to the kindness and good faith of strangers who have come together on a message board to make a difference..I am in awe of all that...So thank you!!

btw i do beleve that i found some help with data entry so i am hoping in the not too distant to be able to  correlate some of our variables and better document trends and patterns as CHoklitz has done with Penn National...



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From: Choklitz


This is another gelding being raced too frequently and I think is a candidate for our Watch List. 

Honourable Nature, 6 yr. gelding. Owner: Charlie Lawson; Trainer: Joseph D. Davis.

He has raced (poorly) two weeks in a row and is scheduled to go again on Sunday.  Here are his recent Equibase results: 

7/26/07 6/6 @ River Downs, 1 1/16 mi., contested the pace for three quarters and stopped.

8/5/07 5/10 @ Ellis Park., 7 f., off inside, tired.

This guy needs a break!  Do you want to add him to Wiki or should I?  Also, since I'm no longer tracking alot of older horses I could watch another track.  Do you need any watched?


From: Guest


thanks Choklitz will enter him..

judy is going to be gone for a couple of weeks and Evil Downs LA Downs Calder Camerero Los ALamitos need coverage.. I hate to wish that on any one..I said i would do them while she is gone..

Do want to do Los Alamitos and CAmerep for a  couple of weeks and I will do the others?

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From: MJ42903


I happened to stop by Arlington today (8/10) and in the 2nd race..Carmel my Belle broke down and in the 3rd race, Shakes collapsed and was vanned off.  How do I find out what happened to these horses?  Things were going so well at Arlington and now this week has been horrible.
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From: Guest


here's the link to the charts.. doesn't look good..

I will also check Pedigree Query laer - sometimes it is updated there..


From: Guest


Bay Meadows

Aug. 9, 2007, race 4, 5 1/2 f., clmg. $8,000, 3 & up.  Fifteen Cents, age 3/g, got hung in the gate a bit and was away slowly then fell far back while racing green, was eased in the stretch.  Tr: ART SHERMAN   Own: Charles Gold

Aug. 9, 2007, race 5, 5 1/2 f., clmg, $8,000, f & m, 3 & up.  Tyte Jeans, age 3/f, broke slow, could not keep up and was eased in the stretch.  Tr: Michael Lenzini  Own: Art and Betty Suiter

Aug. 10, 2007, race 2, 6 f., ALL., 3 & up.  Bedford Falls, age 4/c, broke in stride then settled just off Super Image, was put to a drive on the turn, rallied steadily to get to terms with that rival in mid stretch, edged clear to win driving but pulled up lame the was walked off.  Tr: Greg Gilchrist    Own: David or Jill Heerensperger

Aug. 10, 2007, race 5, 1 mi., clmg. $4,000, 3 & up.  Helmsmaster, age 4/g, could not keep up and was eased into the lane then walked off.  Tr/Own: L.A. Martinez

Ellis Park

Aug. 9, 2007, race 4, 1 mi. turf, clmg. $25,000, 3 & up.  Hands of Stone, age 3/c, gained the lead early, moved inside, battled up close into the lane, gave way, bled through the nostrils and was vanned off.  Tr: Randy Klopp  Own: Dennis Claramont

Aug. 9, 2007, race 5, 6 f., mdn. sp. wt., 3 & up.  Aztec Warrior, age 6/g, four or five wide, gave way after a half and was distanced.  DNF.  Tr/Own: Raymond Davis

Aug. 9, 2007, race 7, 5 1/2 f., clmg. $7,500, 3 & up.  The Great Big Al, age 3/c, tracked the dueling leaders 4 wide and faded leaving the turn.  After being unsaddled was vanned off.  Tr: Richard Pardue   Own: Jeff Hughes

Aug. 9, 2007, race 8, 1 1/16 mi. turf, All., f & m, 3 & up.  Sal At War, age 3/f, five or six wide, was never a factor and was vanned off.  Tr: Kim Hammond   Own: Willowbrook Farm

Aug. 10, 2007, race 3, 6 f., clmg. $4,000, 3 & up.  Scrubbin Speed, age 5/c, bled from the nostrils and was vanned off.  Tr: Kim Hammond  Own: Justice Racing Stable

Columbus Park

Aug. 10, 2007, race 1, 1 mi. 70 yds., clmg. $5,000, 3 & up.  Sheza Bee, age 4/f, contested the early pace onlong the inside, gave way up the backstretch and pulled up lame on the far turn then was vanned off.  Tr/Own: Monica Big Hair


Aug. 10, 2007, race 4, 1 mi. 70 yds., clmg. $5,000, 3 & up.  Market Appeal, age 4/c, rushed out early, took a bad step pulling up near the half, was vanned off.  DNF.  Tr: Barbara Price   Own: Jack and Nancy Bradford