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"Black Beauty," and her buddies from KS   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Guest


Greetings all!
It was almost 2 pm on Thur, June 14th, when a black truck, pulling a stock trailer pulled into the driveway of Lone Oak Horse Rescue, in Elk Creek, Ne. They were about 5 hours late, and we were already amped out on coffee, and pop. It was hot, around 80 some degrees, and you can see the haze of humidity hanging over the landscape. There were a round of pictures as we all met, and got to know each other.
Then the truck was there. Shrugs greeted most questions. That's ok. We know that the cargo is more important then the reasons.
Brown, blue, sighted and unsighted, eyes rolled in fear. I saw my girl, she stood out with her color. "Black Beauty" is my foster girl. She's at the front. You can feel the terror coming off the poor hot, hungry, thirsty, churning mass of sweet horse flesh. E-mass they all but run off the truck. There is a small holding area for them. Of course we silly humans never thought to get hay and water in there first. See what coffee does to you? :-D But, that followed quickly. Feeding frenzy! My poor Dark Mother is the first one haltered and brought out. She's been chased off of the food. Like always. She's hungry, tired and very scared. We're poking, prodding, messing with feet, and mouth. She's very patient with us. She just wants grass. As I hold her rope, and talk to her, rubbing her with my nubby gloves. She realizes there is more here for her then food. There is love. She ate that up faster then the grass. I could hold her head, mess with her infected eye, just hug her, and she was so happy. I saw the fear leave her eyes, and replaced with peace.
Each horse was different. Some relaxed right away, and understood that they were finally safe. Some still wanted to act up. That's ok, they will settle down when they realize that there will be no more kicks, clubbing's, or lack of food or water.
Slowly their eyes stopped rolling in fear, the tension left their bodies, and they were loved. Some for the first time in their lives, they knew love. Every hand that touched them sent love and understanding to them.
When I finally got home, it was an hour and a half drive, I was worn out. But, it was a happy tired. I felt good knowing in some small way I helped with something that was bigger then just those 14 plus jack.
We aren't done yet. Not by far. If my girl Dark Mother, is pregnant, she'll need vet care ASAP. I have some Mare/Foal feed, and no hay. We will find a way.
But, to everyone that has helped make this possible, I want to thank you. Dark Mother is a gift of something so special, I'm honored.
Mary Safarik
Break Heart Ranch East
Proud Val Pal!
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From: CathyMcNY


Thank you for this lovely description of the KS horses arriving.  May the all be blessed.


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From: Guest


Ah, that's a sweet story!  I'm so glad she and others were rescued! 

I have 2 mares from a feedlot.  One is just the sweetest little thing.  The other one STILL doesn't trust us and it has been 6 months.  She seems to like my husband and is learning to trust him, but it has taken this long for her.  Poor thing.  I can't dwell on HOW they got there. Probably because both were unbroke. 

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From: Audreyd11


I played a major part in this rescue financially. I helped them all escape a fate worse than death, and I am SO happy to hear of this outpouring of love for these animals. It brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to see the beauties off the Fallon feedlot. They should have arrived at Jill's today. I will soon have a beauty of my own to love also. Val, Careen and everyone else involved in moving the horses, did an awesome job. It was quite a feat!!
Hope little Sparky is doing well!!
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From: Guest


To all the help out from the pocket book.
We are all deeply grateful! I tried to upload a picture of my girl and I, did it work???
Now, just WHEN DO computers make my life EASIER?!!??!?!? Still awaiting on that one! ROTFL
I believe in reincarnation. Animal abusers come back as chew toys, fly predators, fire hydrates, etc. Child abusers come back as diapers. Spousal abusers come back as the one being beaten. And Bill Gates comes back as a normal person dealing with Windows 2150!!!!!
I get my sweet baby on Monday now. That's fine, the farrier will be here. Works for me!!! Then Doc will be here later in the week to check everyone and give shots. YIKES!!!!
This has been a real educational experience for myself, and my friend. She is learning everything she can about horses.
Thank you, again, for making this happen!