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YOU gave this mare 2nd chance   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by drafthorsemd; 330 views.

From: drafthorsemd



Near the end of May we got a call from someone who had responded to a horse for sale ad. The woman was looking for a quiet, sound trail horse. The horse she went to see had a classy aire, but the horse was a shadow of her former self. This mare was too much of a rehab case for this individual, but she called Equihab to see what we could to do help.

I was assigned this case. I made an appointment as soon as the owner had time, and I went up to go see the horse. Due to the circumstances I can’t go into too much detail but suffice it to say the mare needed a new home ASAP.

This sweet old girl is obviously lame even at a walk and she’s not well, but owner kept riding her out on long hacks.

The owner wouldn’t donate her. But thanks to money set aside in a special fund from FoBs, we had the $300 we needed. We met her with a trailer in tow, and she left there the same day! Awhile back, some FoBs heard about an old Belgian mare named Betty who the amishman was about to send to the meatman, and FoBs not only paid for her ransom and care, we had money left over. I asked, and you said “keep it to help the next horse in need”.

You all are angels, and without your support who knows where this sweet old mare was going to end up. Owner was getting desperate.

Meet me:

I need some groceries!

Deep infection in three of four feet, painful to pick out. Both fronts also had weird scar tissue just below joints on front leg (visible at bottom of this pic)

Our farrier came over immediately to pull the shoes & give her a trim. We've been cleaning out and medicating all four feet daily. The infection is deep up in the center sulcus. Farrier is going to see her again early this upcoming week & do a touch-up trim if needed.

The vet is scheduled to come see her.

She's been de-wormed and we started her on a more suitable diet for her age & needs. She's no longer picked on by aggressive field-mates, and we treated all her cuts/scrapes. She gets all the hay she can eat & isn’t locked in a stall. Today marks one week she's been at Equihab and the difference is already showing.

She's in good spirits. She's well behaved, very polite & personable.

You’re welcome to come visit her (by appointment), but she won’t be available for adoption right now due to the infection & lameness.

I'm personally just happy that nobody will ever ride this horse while she is lame ever again.

Now all she needs is... a name. :-)

THANK YOU FOBS! It was YOUR money that made her save possible.


The directors and volunteers at Equihab
North East, Maryland


From: Guest



From: Guest


hi may, nice to see you here. looking forward to some more events in the future. when  am i going to visit your farm? majela 

From: LynsWins


THANK YOU for rescuing her!!!! I love the old TBs!
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From: drafthorsemd


"when am i going to visit your farm?"

Any time you'd like! Just call or email and we'll set something up. Because we're a smaller rescue group and don't get government funding, we don't have a big public shelter... so all the visits have to be done on an appointment basis.

443-466-4087 or


Adoption Director, Equihab Foundation


From: MaryLOhio



I remember Betty !  

Now this TB mare was she posted about on here?   I see you paid for her with funds from the FOBs, and want to make sure I have her listed, but looking over my May entries I don't see her but would LOVE to add this beauty!!


hmmm.. now to think of some names for this girl ..  


From: Luvmyhorseys


How about the name May, since that was the month that she was rescued. It sounds like it would fit a sweet old girl like her.

From: Guest


mary, i emailed about her a bit back. betty is a draft off the amish man. majela

From: Guest


i willo be in touch. majela

From: drafthorsemd


> "I remember Betty !"

Betty was adopted by a gentle adult man who wanted a quiet trail horse to putter around his 7 acre farmette in south Jersey. We delivered her Memorial Day weekend. I bet I forgot to post pics of her in the new home... let me go find them.

She's doing wonderfully and he's sent us several email updates complete with photos.

> "Now this TB mare was she posted about on here? I see you paid for her with funds from the FOBs, and want to make sure I have her listed, "

No, she was never listed. When we finally got a hold of the owner to see her, and we had to act the same day. I credit FoBs because they let us keep the overeage in donations for Betty, and without extra "emergency cash" we might've had to come back for her another day (and hope she was still there and not looking worse)