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Kansas 49   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by RainbowRescu; 192 views.

From: RainbowRescu


I just wanted to update everyone who played a part (financial, emotional, physical and spiritual) in the rescue of the 49 horses and donkey's in Kansas.  Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue and Retirement, Inc received 3 (one donkey and 2 horses) in a rescue to rescue transfer.

First there is the donkey Chester - now known as Otto.  Otto is living with Lisa in the Wichita, KS area.  Lisa is very happy with this young man.  He is very friendly and is learning all the things which young boys need to know - like picking up their feet and standing for fly spray.  Otto is living with his new friend Hannah, a beautiful jenny.   Lisa is thrilled with Otto and is happy that the FOB's saved him from the killers.

Then there are Thelma and Louise.  OOPS!  I think that is Carol and Careen AKA Willow and Jade (see attached photo).  Both girls are settled into their new stress-free home.  They will remain in quarentine for at least 4 weeks during which time we will develop trusting relationships with them.  Jade (the younger, shorter one) is already quite approachable.  She loves to be groomed.  Willow is more skeptical and needs to take 2-3 steps away before standing to be caught.  Both have had a thorough grooming and all the mats removed from their manes. 

Unlike most of the horses we rescue, these mares have had good care much of their lives.  They arrived without any skin issues, no obvious injuries and fairly recently trimmed hooves.  We don't know for certain, but are suspicious that Willow is pregnant.  Jade may or may not be.  Both have slightly snotty noses, so we will wait until that resolves before making a trip to the Vet for a repro check.

So THANK YOU FOB's for caring about America's horses.  Everyone of the 1000+ horses which you have saved received a 2nd chance.  Something the killer buyers nor the slaughter houses would have offered.


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From: Guest


Hi Karen, thank you for posting the information on these babies.

What beauties these two are.

Thanks for all you do,

Until they are safe,


Congrats on your 2 beauty's .... I took in 5 quarter horses locally so was unable to take in any from the Kansas rescue...

Bless you for all you hard work.



From: Guest


Thank you so much Karen and Rainbow Meadows for coming and offering to take in these horses and Otto. I agree, they should be good to go soon and I imagine they are  3 very happy equines. I'm thrilled she is enjoying Otto so much. He was a cooperative little guy and sure has a loud and welcoming hello for you each time he sees you.

And to any other nearby rescue folks or interested individuals.............please consider taking in 1, 2 or 3 of these remaining horses in need. They are all so deserving of a good life!

Careen in Ks


From: allison1620


Aww yay!!!! Chester/Otto is the one they say I personally saved so I am so happy to hear he went to a loving home!!