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Do you remember Mattie @ Angel Acres?   Horse Rescue Issues

Started 6/24/07 by Guest; 6 views.

From: Guest


Hi Everyone,

It has been 5 months since, with the help of Friends of Twilight and Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue, that we pulled Mattie (Mattsbrotherrobert) out of the kill pen, along with Jack (Long Kesh).

I have held off updating everyone (Mattie quite literally has farrier appts every single week) but tonight...well...tonight I have to update...

We usually can only get one foot done in about 3 hours, with bute...tonight however...we got BOTH feet done in 30 mins...NO BUTE...and one happy lil camper...

Mattie is completely gorgeous and is healing...last week we had a scare...his plantar cushion was exposed and we had to do an emergency bandage job (thank you Bev for your outstanding advice and guidance) at midnight with my husband and 2 of my sons helping...needless to say if a camera had been present we would have been on the Funniest Videos was NOT

Anyhoo...we have had serious setbacks and also made serious strides...but tonight was a turning point...he is sloughing off and growing new foot!

We will not know if Mattie will make it, though each day we pray he will and he continues to have the will to live, till sometime late fall...our goal is to have Mattie pasture sound and on no meds...THATS another pain meds in over a week!!


We just wanted to let everyone know how Mattie is doing and wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has asked about Mattie and sent him cards and donations...we truly appreciate your kindness...

From all of us at Angel Acres...Thank You!


Jo Deibel
Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 62
Glenville, PA 17329
Phone: 717-965-7901
Fax: 866-892-5069
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From: MJ42903


Who could forget Mattie!  This is great news.  I so hope he continues to do well.  Do you think we could get new pics?
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From: johnc92886


Hi Jo:

Thanks for the update on Mattie!

I hope that he make a full recovery!

For anyone that has not seen it yet, below is a link to a video that appeared on ESPN.  Jo and Mattie are in the first part of the video! 

FYI, you may have to disable your pop-up blocker to see it.

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From: ExcellerFund


Wow - this was just a day for emergencies!  Glad to hear that Mattie is doing better, and sounds like you get to add one more harrowing experience to your belt!

Prayers and jingles are around.  Bartender, make mine a double!!!

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From: PatCA


I was just thinking about him today. There are so many horses to keep track of that it makes my head spin. I'm so glad he's doing well. Thank you for taking such good care of him.
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Dear Jo....Thank you so much for the always scouring for MATTIE AND JACK ..updates....I am so thankful and happy to read your news...Your pages are really great and I loved your famous video!!

LOVE and PRAYERS FOR MATTIE AND FRANK..and a huge thank you for JO!!and FAM!

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From: Guest


I'm so glad to hear some happy news.  Yesterday and today have been very trying in the news department.  What wonderful care this guy is getting.  Thank you.  Yes, a new pic would be wonderful.
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From: Guest


Hi Jo, its been awhile.  Call me sometime !!!


Angela Valianos

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From: Guest


hi jo, i was just thinking about mattie yesterday. i got a little lost driving around and ended up near md and a sign pointing to yor and i was thinking if i had been close to your place. i do not remember now the name of the towns, except for a place called delta in pa. majela
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From: Guest


Hi, Jo:  It's been awhile since I've spoken to you but I check on Mattie everyday thru Mattie's Page.  As you know, I have had quite a bit of "personal issues" that have set me back tremendously.  I did manage to get a card out to Mattie on Saturday with a little "something" to get him and his equine friends some treats.  I continue to pray for my Mattie as he is now forever in my heart and always on my mind.  Thanks for taking such good care of "my boy".  Talk to you soon.