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Update on Samba auction horse 05/12/07   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by abarber53; 29 views.

From: abarber53


I am always more than happy to talk about this sweet girl.  She was rescued at the Moses lake Auction by me, FOB's and other friends. Her total cost was 850.00 which is the most i have ever paid for an auction horse.  It is more than she is worth marketwise considering her lameness problems but she is a big girl at 16 hands and I allowed myself to get into a bidding war with the KB's which is something I always advise against, but she just got to me. Did i do the right thing?  Maybe not as I could have probably saved 2 or 3 for the same money but i ask myself do you buy a 100 dollar horses bring it home and putt 700.00 worth of rehab cost into them or do I buy a 700 dollar horse bring it home and put 100.00 rehab into it? Does it matter since they are both headed to slaughter? Either way I can only rescue ONE AT A TIME due to space, facilities available, and to please hubby. As it turns out this sweet mare has also been my most expensive to date horse i have ever had to rehab.

She had some homemade shoes on her that did not fit, deformed the shape of her hoofs and had her on her tiptoes. The farrier said she had had the shoes on for so long her hoof had grown into them. Can you imagine wearing stilettos for months on end?  They also had welded globs of uneven metal on the bottoms for what purpose I have no clue. Here are some pics of her fronts and backs (which had no shoes whan I got her home)



She was also mal-nourished, wormy and thin


But was as sweet as sugar and greateful to be out of the auction curcuit


I started her on daily wormer, freechoice alfalfa and slowly worked her up to  good quality grain 3 times a day with supplements and ground flax for healthy coat and hoof growth. She slowly and consistanly has gained weight.


When the farrier pulled her shoes her hoof immediately disintegrated and crumbled like a wet cookie.  She was very very lame for several days, even laying down most of the time.  Imagine if you were on stilettos for months and suddenly went barefoot the pain your tendons and joints would feel) I put her on bute morning and night to help manage it. Here are her feet the day after the shoes were pulled.  The farrier said they were dried out, crumbly and very thin-walled.  He said for me to give her hoof supplements and hoof dressings and give her time to grow new hoof walls.




I also bought her some boots and pads to help her transition which worked very well


She is now at a point where she can walk sound on soft ground but still lame on hard surfaces.  I am sure there is more to her troubles than hoof problems and am now getting the funds together to have her xrayed.  She is has been accepted by my other two horses and they get along great and she seems very happy


I have also provided her with everything she needs to cope with the heat and flies


Right now I am applying tea tree oil to her hoof and soles and also massaging flax oil into her hoofs and coronet in hopes it will help her grow healthy hoof walls.

As far as did I do the right thing by paying so much for her I have to say that I see others paying more for horses on here. I brought her home, I am feeding her and caring for her and getting her healthy.  She was headed to slaughter even if the KB thought he could flip her he would have seen her feet when he pulled the shoes and put her straight on the meat wagon or just as bad sold her to someone else where she would have been put through more auctions until she ended up in a meat wagon eventually. Her rehab will be long, it takes a year to grow a new hoof and that is not taking into account what else could be wrong with her feet.  I would like to invite anyone who lives near me to come over and meet her, look at her and spend time with her and tell me is she worth it?? Look into these eyes and tell me i did the wrong thing?


This is what a prime slaughter horse looks like, they don't want the skinny and sick   Horses just like her go to slaughter every year by the thousands. 


Every once in a while you get a chance to make a difference for one or even more horses. This is the one I chose or she chose me however it happened.  I am happy to say her donators are happy i got her out. She will not leave my care until she has recovered and hopefully has 4 healthy hoofs to walk on.  Then I will try and find her a great home. She is not the first horse I ever rescued at an auction but she may very well be my last and I have vowed to do right by her and I will.  The only things I know about her past is that she is 8 years old and she has had a foal before.  I don't know who owned her or where she came from. I wish she could talk.  She is very very sweet and willing, does not act abused. I will update again as she improves or I find out anything new.


From: Guest


Of course you did the right thing...she deserves a chance too.  She is beautiful and your hard work is showing.  I see so much in those eyes of hers.  Good job!

From: midknight1


Thank you so much for posting this.  She's beautiful and you are so lucky to have each other!



From: MaryLOhio


You did GREAT!!   The look on her face says it all.

I had such a good laugh at her fly mask!   that was a great picture!

Thank you for updating us and taking in this beauty!!




From: Guest


She looks wonderful! I love the flymask, too. LOL!
You are doing well by her and I am so glad you got her. Her rehab will take time but I'm sure you will do all you can for her. Those feet were horrible!

Please give her a scritch for me! Thanks!


From: Guest


The mare is gorgeous!  You did the right thing. 


From: kckellsbells


Samba looks fantastic!  You have done such a great job with her.  She's a lucky girl to be in your care.




From: dpcatlover


Thank you for taking such great care of her.  She is beautiful!  I can't believe someone put those awful shoes on her.  How ridiculous!  It must have been painful for her.  Poor thing.  At least she is good hands now and I'm sure she is grateful.   She looks very sweet.

The fly mask was too funny!   What a great picture!


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From: Guest


It always amazes me to see her before and after pictures. Someday some small child will be happy to call Samba his/her own...

Great job Amanda! I can't wait to stop in and meet Samba in person! Hopefully sooner than later!

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From: Guest


What a wonderful kind person you are to help Samba. What a pretty horse. Flaxseed is excellent as a supplement, we use it on our rescued horses, it really brings out the sheen in there coats and aids in hoof developement.BRAVO & HATS OFF to you.Kathleen, KEEVA and COWBOY.