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Adoptions Seem to Be In Limbo-   Horse Rescue Issues

Started 7/2/07 by Guest; 78 views.
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RE: slowed adoptions. I am a new member and joined via a roundabout way through a friend who does canine rescue.  I think it may be a combination of the price of hay but also that many other parts of the country don't realize that they can in fact adopt a nice horse  and save a life.  Perhaps more aggressive marketing on national horse webistes for buyers like Horseville or DreamHorse would work.  The only problem is you don't want the horse to be sold down the road yet again. Buyer reference checks from veterinarians, etc. would be needed.

I am passing the links I have discovered along to Ohio Horse organizations so when people are in the market for a nice horse they check rescue groups first.  We had to put my old gelding down (age 26) over a year ago. He had a peaceful end and was buried at the farm.  We rescued two minis last year but will be purchasing again and will go the rescue route.