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Just had ASPCA here   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Ponytale1976; 1557 views.
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From: Ponytale1976


I have the time and experience, I am a certified vet tech who has specialized in large animals for 12 years, I also have a degree in Equine Nutrition, and did racetrack rehab for a few years as well. I am lacking in the department of resources and volunteers, although I have to say, I have found a few local people that have offered to volunteer through this website. I would rather not be a 501(c)3 rescue. I would like to be a privately run rescue but one that is a legal charitable organization. Up until recently, I just did 1 rescue at a time when finances and room allowed it, but when I got Hope (Diamond Halo) in March and dealt with the sheer heartache that rescue brings I kind of vowed to do more. Then most recently the loss of my own mares foal (before anyone jumps on the breeding bandwagon there are circumstances here) drove me to bury myself in rescue to deal with my loss. I am all for being a sattelite rescue site, but I am unsure if there is any particular paperwork involved with that legally? Does anyone know what being a sattelite rescue actually entails?

From: Guest


When I refer to experience, it goes beyond technical horse care... dealing with people, dealing with situations, coordinating resources, knowing how to handle horses when there is a criminal case (mishandling the evidence can blow a case entirely and you don't necessary have to have a dedicated horse organization to learn some of this, most SPCAs deal with cats and dogs simply because they do not have the facilities or horse knowledge, which is something you can offer).  I've learned the hard way, there's more involved than "good intentions", which is why I strongly urge you to volunteer first.  I've been doing this for years, and there's always something new for me to learn and/or experience. 

Find a PA organization that will offer you that option.  Most call it a foster home, some a satellite farm.  Same difference, fancier title I think.

Again, call the SPCA that was out, or Pocono Animal Rescue.  They are your local humane authorities who can offer you solid guidance.

Good luck!



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From: Ponytale1976


I will contact them again, but as far as I know they don't actually have any legal power. They are not SPCA officers, but the woman works for the local animal shelter and the investigate cruelty allegations. I wish I remembered what was written on the side of the truck, I want to say it was PA wildlife commision but I know thats not right. I think that is what the problem is over here. They get called out and they investigate but then if there is actual cruelty they have to call in another agency, so I guess what I need to do is find out WHO that OTHER agency is.

Your right, I have no experience in cruelty evidence or anything of that nature. I have never done a cruelty case rescue, all of mine have been OTTB's or auction horses. I usually use the common sense approach and take pictures before doing anything with the horse to document the condition upon arrival, I have my vet come out as soon as she can to also document their condition and to give them a thorough once over for me so I can start them on the road to recovery, but I have no formal training in the matter of collecting, or documenting cruelty.

Do you have a number for this Pocono Animal Rescue? I am going to google it later if you don't.


From: Guest


Pocono Animal Rescue Inc. 
P.O. Box 582 
Bartonsville, Pa 18321 

Handling Large Animal Cruelty Cases in the
Pennsylvania Counties of
Monroe, Carbon and Wayne

 Pocono Animal Rescue Inc. was founded in September of 2000,. The organization was created out of a need in the Pocono Mountains of Monroe County for an organization to work on the behalf of large domestic animals.

    The roots for the Pocono Animal Rescue Inc. are found in the organization, Helping Hands for Hungry Horses. In July of 2000, four severly neglected horses were found in Canadensis, Pennsylvania. With the cooperation of local police, the animals were rescued by a group of concerned horse owners and horse lovers. This same group of horse owners and lovers organized Helping Hands for Hungry Horses to collect donations for the care of the horses. Thanks to generous contributions from the public, the horses received the expert attention they needed and have made a full recovery.

Many people in the Pocono Mountain region believed that the area needed a more permanent organization to work on behalf of large domestic animals. With that mission in mind, the organizers of Helping Hands for Hungry Horses founded the Pocono Animal Rescue, Inc.

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From: LaurieHammer


Dear Laurie,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a fellow Laurie!!  I so greatly admire you for rescuing and rehabilitating horses.  God has truly blessed you for this wonderful work that you are doing.



From: Ponytale1976


Thank you from a fellow Laurie.