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Millie and Filly   Horse Rescue Updates

Started by CloudDancer (C1oudDancer); 834 views.

Okay, finally here are photos of Milly and her filly.

Taken Tues when she was down resting right after getting a bath.  Filly didn't cooperate for the bath, so I'm still working on getting her.


Millie wasn't very keen on bright colored wraps.  She's gotten used to them now, but at first REALLY didn't want them on.


Taken earlier today, its hard to catch them togther because filly is usally off grazing and Millie like her hay instead.


Filly making sure that mom didn't miss anything in the feed tub.  Filly has decided that she LUVS Millie's food and I'm going to have to tie her separate to keep her from eating all of mom's food.


At this point, filly eats anything and everything, so I'm leaning toward the name piglett for her.  Millie is being picky.  She likes her grain, but will leave all the additives.  I did figure out that she's okay with soaked beet pulp, so I'm going to use that to get her to eat the supplements.  She'll get wormed after the vet Sat so that I have a fresh (pre-wormer) sample for the vet.  The farrier is sched for Tues, the first day that was available after the x-rays.

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Millie's feet are her biggest challenge.  As I wrote before, her last owner trimmed her the day before I picked her up.  The trim job in the photo's below are by her last owner and I REALLY wish he hadn't done it.  Fortunately, he didn't do her back feet.    I dug out some pretty big stones out of her backs that were embedded pretty deep, but  they are actually in good shape. 

So now we live with what we have.  Specifically we have hooves that are too short. They are uncomfortable for her, so she does lay down a lot.  So I monitor for impaction or anything like that, but I think its actually good that she's down until the farrier and I come up with a way to support her while her hooves they grow back out. The way we do that will be affected by if she's foundered or not and how much sole she actually has.

Prior to the trim, Millie had been sore on her left front for @ 3 weeks.  When I cleaned it up, there was a spot that appeared to be an abcess at first (soft, very tender). It is tissue (NOT her coffin bone) and is not the exterior sole.  It's circled w/a yellow circle in the picture below.  Soaking caused it to open up and let out some fluids, but they are not like 'abcess' fluids.  They're basically clear/yellowish. So I'm not sure what it is and am treating it as an open wound.  Since then, she has significantly less pain in that foot, which is good because she needs to keep shifting her weight to let pressure off her soles.  It's hard to tell from the photo, but her hoof wall is  actually shorter than her soles, by about 1/8 - 1/4 inch all the way around.  Since I'm treating with betadine, it will take care of any white line that may be there as well.


The area just in front of the coffin bone on both feet have been getting increasingly softer since she arrived, so I think she is definitly getting pressure sores from all her weight being on her soles (instead of being supported by her hooves).  Below is her right front foot.  I've put a yellow box around the area that is softening.  It looks like he only managed to get half way around on this side before he quit.  (She was probably very sore trying to stand on the other foot) The bottom side of the photo gives you an idea of how long her feet were before he started.  Unfortunately, he left this hoof horribly unbalanced going from about 1/4 too short on the top of the photo to way too long on the bottom of the photo. So that is also uncomfortable for her right now.


On the good side, we got a good rain today and that made the ground much softer. So she was relatively more comfortable today.  I can't wait to get the x-rays so I know exactly what she's dealing with and can start correcting it.



From: MaryLOhio


Thank you for that update on Milly  and Filly!


I see you found the new section too!!

Awesome pictures!!


From: MaryLOhio


That hoof makes me hurt looking at those photos. wow!  

Mary -- I saw it right away, but couldn't figure out how to move her original thread over, so I started this new one.  I hated that, because I get so lost on this board.  How did you move yours?  Anyway, its been so busy this last few days and I wanted to post the photos.  I still have a photo of filly sleeping standing up in the trailer that I haven't figured out how to get it out of my cell phone.

All --  Okay, here's the backward pointers for those who don't know who Millie is.

She is the mare the generously purchased by FOBs on the thread "PLSE HELP FOUNDERED MARE AND BABE" at 11509.1 

Whose situation was brought to the FOB in the thread "24 Horses in NEPA in need of new homes" at 11205.43 by Laurie Brinkworth, Ponytales Rescue.

I picked her up from her owner on Saturday 6/30 and originally started providing updates on the thread:  SAFE - Introducing Millie and filly at 11685.1

She is now located at Heaven's Rest Farm in Lisbon, Ohio.

All comments, questions, suggestions are welcome. 


From: MaryLOhio


Alex Can move the threads.    I will forward that to him..   I don't have that power to move threads.  Tried to snap my fingers and click my heels but it did not work!  lol




From: MaryLOhio


I just saw "ohio" for Heavens.   where is Lisbon?    I am in West Central Ohio..   "Peak of Ohio".. that should give you a clue!  lol

no, no, no.... it's click your heals first...

Lisbon is about an hour south of Youngstown.  zip code 44432.


From: MaryDS1


My Lord - what kind of idiot trimmed her like that - why??   I am so sorry - it is painful to look at -  God bless Millie!  She and the filly are in my prayers.

From: Ponytale1976


I begged him NOT to trim this mare before we picked her up, I was appalled when I saw that he had done it anyway, and done it the way he did. I told him that she was going to have an expert vet and farrier working with her, and I guess he panicked?? I don't really know why he decided to trim her anyway, but he did. I am glad to finally see the pics of these two, are they from the phone camera, or the regular camera? You are right though, the pictures make her foot look BETTER then it looks like in person, if anyone out there can imagine that her feet really look WORSE then that. Filly looks like she is having a blast, she's a love bug and Millie looks as comfortable as she can be at this point. I look forward to seeing more updates.