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17 year old to race-   Horse Racing

Started by cigarello; 439 views.

From: cigarello


yes, you read that right, Alpena Magic , a  17 year old gelding will race a 5 1/2 furlong race; he has earned around 200,000.  Can't imagine a 17 year old horse is really keen on racing; he is running in a 4000.00 conditional claiming race (whatever that means); does that mean he can be claimed? if so, that stinks

From: bonellen39


I don't get that! They want to hurt this horse by making him run? Then what will happen to him after the race assuming he doesn't get injured? These are some of the things that gives horse racing a bad name!

From: CarolynBK


This is just flat out wrong.
Maybe if he gets hurt or worse, he has a nice insurance policy they can collect on. It is sick and those people responsible should not be allowed near a horse. JMHO

From: CallieM35


Yes, that means he can be claimed for $4000.  This makes me sick.  I just emailed the track and told them that I was really worried about this horse and that no 17 yo horse should be running in any race.

From: cigarello


great idea to email the track; i will do the same

From: Guest


 How does it pay for the owner of a racehorse  to send him

to  slaughter for 400$  ??  Do they also get insurance IF the horse gets hurt ?

How can someone pay 4000$ for a claimer and then turn around and sell him for

meat for 400$


I don't think you can insure a racing horse, at least not health.  I don't think it would be cost effective for loss of use on lower level claiming horses.  Either way, his value would not be more than the claiming tag (so $4k) and the loss of use that I've seen only pay a percentage.

All --

What track is he running on?  I would guess that he must be still wining to still be running.


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I don't think the insurance pays for JUST an injury unless it may be a special situation set up. That is probably what bothers me the most about this. I could be way off here. I would like to hear from the pros if this is just an overreaction on my part or if a horse can be competitive and healthy as a racer at this age. I could just be thinking with my heart here. I will look into the insurance issue.