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Updates on Belgian Mare/Foal from NH   Horse Rescue Updates

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From: MaryLOhio


There are now safe at  Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse and Pony Rescue in Ohio.


Here are pictures from their first day in Safety!!

They are now Named  Fiona and her colt "Mr Clumsey"

They say THANK YOU FOB's for Saving us!!










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From: Guest


Day 2:

Fiona and JJ are doing great.  They are settled in, eating well (even JJ thinks he should be sharing moms feed) and having a blast.  When JJs not tearing around the field hes sound asleep in the hay bales thrown out for his momma.  Hes making friends across the field and enjoying the "free" air.  Momma is still a bit untrusting...if you move too fast or reach for baby without her consent she will white her eyes and come at you with teeth.  Poor girl is so afraid to let you near her baby.  I can see a difference though in just 24 hours.  She walks the fence line with my youngest daughter cuz she knows shes going to pick and feed the good green grass for her.  She loves her name and comes when you call her.  I think shes just proud to have a name of her own...not sure shes been called anything.  I have to find my bag with the new load of batteries so I can get more pictures tomorrow.  They are doing well and wanted everyone to know!

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From: Guest


Day 5~

Fiona nd JJ are doing fantastic! They have settled into our routine and JJ is learning that the food mom gets is pretty good stuff. We have provided him with his own feed bucket both in the pen and in the stall. As long as momma has feed she lets him eat his. In the stall we mounted a foal feeder so she cant eat his and its there when he wants it. They spend about 12 hours out and the other in. Fiona has realized that shes living a pretty spoiled life! She gets her 3 feedings a day, all the hay she can eat, a thickly bedded sawdust stall and a fan to provide a cool breeze. She nickers for me everytime I come within eye sight which is great being that when she first arrived her greatest efforts were made to either bite my head off for getting too close to her baby or touching her where she didnt wanna be touched...or aiming the hind feet to be able to make a direct hit. We are now able to handle JJ without her getting upset..and him too for that matter. We are able to run our hands all over him, pick up his feet and he stands to be flysprayed like his momma. Hes a nosey little booger and is starting to realize people are pretty cool to have around. Once whomever adopts this mare is trusted by her I believe she will be a fantastic horse. She has loads of will and is a great mother to her baby. Ill get more pictures of them today and have Mary (if shes willing) to get them posted. Thanks to Christy at AC4H for allowing us to bring her in and save their lives...

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From: 1Mindy


So happy that they were saved.  Fiona is pretty and her colt looks to be just darling.  I'm so glad that they are enjoying all the love and care that you have been giving them!



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From: Guest


Fiona is a great little horse. She has her quirks but thats to be expected. JJ is a doll! Hes starting to really trust us and comes scootin when the stall door or gate opens for a butt scratch. We will start getting him out away from momma for some hands on work. We just dont like to do it too soon after getting them here as we want to build that trust first. I swear Fiona is gaining weight already and little JJ is doing great! Thanks for the response to our thread on them.
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From: Guest


Thank you for the updates and the photographs!  Oh, they are so lovely.  God Bless you for caring for them.

Beth Thompson (WA)

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From: MaryLOhio


Heres pictures from today of Fiona and JJ.  JJ got his first halter today and leading lessons.  He was getting way too independent when walking from the barn to the pen so now hes under confinement! LOL.  Hes learning quickly..and doesnt he look handsome in green!









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From: gal1231


Lisa thanks for the updates and photos. It is so nice to have a space where the rescues can update about the horses. I wish more would  do so. Sometimes we raise funds for rescues and then never hear what has happend afterwards. Amanda
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From: Guest


Well its been 2 weeks since this twosome came to Frog Pond...and they are doing fantastic. But Im partial!

JJ started halter breaking yesterday. He walked...well slide on the end of his lead to the pen...and did okay. We left the halter on him while out yesterday but took it off last night. This morning when I went to bring them in to eat I put mommas halter on and JJ was right there for his. I figure if hes coming in he will wear it...and Ill take it off when hes in where he needs to be. Atleast that way he gets use to me pulling it in and off his head. Well I put it on with just a bit of fuss...then he followed mom right into the barn and went in the stall first shot. Momma went straight to eating and he came over as if to say..okay I came in now you can take this off. And he stood like a big boy while I took it off. They stayed in tonight so JJ could sleep but not before he got his nightly scratching. He backs that butt right up against you for a scratch of the tailbone...and then the belly then his ritual nose kisses. Hes becoming such a ladies man! HAHA

We will get some pictures of his progress as he learns to follow ON the leadline. So watch for further updates...