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Moving on creates TWR site issues   General: Horse-related

Started by alexbrown4; 4239 views.
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From: MaryLOhio


I love some of the blogger sites some of the Horse Trainers are using (like for Rags to Riches) Easy to navigate and understand.   Some blogs you can set up like a newspaper layout..  kinda like what Alex has on the main board.. 


Will the name of this discussion board have to change also Alex?   I know you said we are keeping it but wondered about if Tim will continue to allow you to use the  name...  if not, then we need to come up with a good name for this board.    

For this board, to get things back in line (I really really miss how it "use" to be,)    is to have a wee bit more moderation.  Maybe a moderator for each section of the board.   I know with some groups  I run when someone joins, you can set them up to be moderated for a cerain time, then when they are found not to be disruptive to the community you remove that moderation.     Need more Clear "rules" for participation, I feel the ones now are filled with "holes" at times and lot of misinterpertaion..   

 Some guidelines for rescue efforts, I just feel we have become too into the frenzy of "saving" horses and have forgotten about the ones in rescues that need our help also.   Horses saved, and then they "disapear, not many updates.  I did some number comparision on this issue, horse rescue efforts moneis vs monies to support horses in rescues and I was quite disturbed at the inbalance.   I see Rescues full up and saying no to more horses, struggling to stay afloat because donations and adoptions are down..    I just wish we could turn the tide for a while to the rescues, to help those that are in rescues.  

Just my opinion ...  I won't be on the rest of the morning as I need to lay back down for a bit..   

Good Luck Alex, glad this discussion board will stay..  and hope you find the right venue and workings for a new website to replace the main one.   I don't post any longer over there ,but I do read your updates every day... 


From: SlewReigns


Hi Alex,

I have read these post and agree with all the FOB's and their concerns regarding us being able to stay in tact as a group.  You mention you have the Technical stuff worked out or will have.  Is a site name your concern?  Are we talking about needing to get a registered site name?  Someone mentioned they like "TheFansofBarbaro".  That sounds good.  If you plan on maintaining the site while in your travels, I would think it would be fitting to have your name in there, like "AlexBrownsEquineTravels" and you can then have your main page show "The Fans of Barbaro Official Site".  After all you walked and brushed Barbaro.  No other site can claim that.  So I have always felt that TWR was the Official site of Barbaro.  The Jackson's may someday want and need an official site, like Penney Chenery has done for the Great Secretariat.  Your site however will house the Fans who have worked and prayed so hard to end Horse Slaughter and assisted in hundreds of rescuers not to mention helping in the laminitis fund.  Just my two senses. 

Jerry (Author of "Guess This Horse")

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From: Guest


Hi Alex and Everyone,

I echo what Jerry just said.  I also like the categories in the message board as they exist now.  If there is anything I, too, can do please let me know.  Joining and contributing to this board have been important to my everyday life and spiritual need to stay connected to the Barbaro Effect, his memory and to my growing education about all horses and the need to protect them.

Thank you for what you have done and will continue to do.  Best of luck in your transition...

Laura In Tokyo.


From: gaia551



Sometimes you take my breath away, Alex.  Fortunately, I finished reading what you said.............

Alex, if you create the place, we will be there.  As long as we have a road sign, we will find the way.  And, if I read you correctly, this DB, chat and the Wiki will remain intact.  So, there would have to be a road sign..........and, in any case, you said TWR will have a link.  So, I am not worried about finding the new site.

A name?  Huh.  I like Mary's idea of "Alex Brown's Journal".  I also like the idea of something with an obvious linking to Barbaro in it.  I am no help at all, am I Alex?   


Ann (Maryland)

(Who is simply grateful that we will have Alex)

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"On the road with Alex Brown"?

...just a thought


From: Davignport


Hi Alex:  I cannot offer much in the way of technical help but I just want to say how important you and the TWR site have become to me.  Thanks to you, we have all been able to be a part of something very special.  The FOB's have done some amazing things and many horses are better off today because of their effots. 

I will miss your morning updates from Fair Hill - they always make me smile and let us get close "to the action" and to get to know Tim's horses.  You and Tim have brought many people to horse racing - the good side of horse racing - and for that you should be proud.  It was such a pleasure to meet you at Barbaro's Birthday Celebration and to get to come to Fair Hill.  I know it must be hard for you to leave Fair Hill after so many years but I am happy that you will be starting on a brand new journey and taking us along.  I look forward to the new site and hearing of your travels. I am also happy that the TWR site will remain - we are like a family and I know how comforting it is to have the message boards here for us.  We also want to keep up with the progress of Tim's horses and Fair Hill news.

May you enjoy a long and happy retirement and many new journeys to come.  You are a very special person.  If you are ever in Putnam County, NY there is a dinner invitation waiting...




From: JaneinCT



I like the idea of a journal or travelogue name but have no specific suggestions. As long as I can figure out how to get there, I'll be happy, so the easier the better, please :)

I had no idea you were leaving so soon! Yikes. I took a 2-year sabbatical from work in my mid-40s and it was the best thing I ever did. Every day felt like there was a new door opening on life. It led to lots of interesting stuff I'd otherwise never have done. So I am very excited for you!

All the best. And thank you for all you did to bring us into Barbaro's world and for all your patience in putting up with us!



From: Guest


I agree with you Mary, we need to continue to support the horses already rescued. I continue to help those I can when I can. Each week I deem a rescue that either needs our help or one I've previously helped. If people cannot help at least they can call senators and reps when there is a 800 number.

Summer is a busy time with famlies visiting or vactions, so I'm hoping with the change that things pick up again in the fall. Barbaro is all the inspiration I need. I look at his picture and never forget his spirit and will to live. We all have the same goals when it comes to Barbaro. Never forget him.



From: Sue1074


Hi, Alex:

Wherever you want us to be, however you want us to log-on, just let us know, we'll be there...You do what works for you and we'll follow along.....

Thanks so much Alex, you're the best..

Sue W.

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From: alexbrown4


i may try to simply set up  new site that works / looks just like the main TWR site.  thinking, thinking.  cheers, alex