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update for cber aegen and treasure   Horse Rescue Updates

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hey guys heres an update on two horses u rescued I actually saw these two dolls when they unloaded they are awesome and their new owner loves them to pieces. I am crossposting for her off of the rescues only board

Hi all I thought i would give an update. The farrier was out on Tuesday and did Aegean she was great with her feet no problem at all what a sweet girl she just stood like she has done it forever. Treasure on the other hand had to be put off until the farrier could sharpen his tools her feet are so thick that he couldn't cut it and we will need to do the trimming slowly as she has live tissue all the way out to the end so starting Friday every 2-3 weeks we will be trimming her. She was not as easy to handle even with the tranquilizer shot she was not having it. Jessy (the Farrier) said her feet are the worse he's seen in quite some time. She also has a cut on the side of her knee that was probably from the ride over so Ive been putting topical ointment on it so hopefully it will heal fast. Both are shy but they are coming around very quickly, both are treat motivated ;D I will try and get me sisters Digital camera to take pics to post.

Here is a slide show of treasure she is doing well although she is not happy about the knee wrap. She is taking her medication very well.
The feet pictures are after her first trim.

Heres a slide show of Aegean she decided that the round bale was a great scratching post.

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From: drjinva


I'm happy for them.  They look like they have a wonderful new home!
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Sooo happy they have a home.  The lovely tail ornaments are a bonus!