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ONLY A MOMENT BEFORE...Chapter 22   Barbaro and Family

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From: Otherlyn


Dear Frens,

Today is Saturday August 18. Congratulations on all of the great efforts and rescue work being done by the FOB. We must continue...and not lose heart, no matter what.

The Young Prince and his fren have been looking up, watching clouds; and both, looking "in" and remembering...

...Oh yes, roses are very special. The memory of that bestest day was pure delight. It would always be with him, and only a thought away.

Only a moment before, he had tried hard to see a elfant, but instead, the sky unfurled a b-i-i-i-g beautiful rose. The Young Prince held the moment in high regard.

****Chapter 22

Lying on their backs and watching the clouds had been a most pleasant experience. The two frens enjoyed each other's quiet company, and the comfort of their own thoughts, as they lazed away on the great green plain.

The Young Prince's companion had enjoyed revisiting some memorable moments of his own.
In fullness of heart, he spoke.

"You know, when we meeted, I knowed we was frens cause the Frens kep us t'gether. Most every time they made fire-shines for you, they made fire-shines for me. They was prayin' to the Great Master, and thinkin' all 'bout us when I got sick... an I could see you in their hearts. Gave me good strength. Made me feel better."

He rolled over on his side, tucked his legs under his body, then quickly stood up, front first, and then the back. He shook himself all over, rumbling a deep satisfied groan as he did.

"Then I runned one more time. I runned for the ol' man, an I runned for you, ya know. I knowed it would make you feel better too."

He pulled a few nips of clover from the turf, chewed it with soft-focus-relish, then went on,

"Now think...'member? 'Member when I last runned and winned? Didja feel a little fleet-footed that day�"

The Young Prince rolled over on his side, and stretched out his legs. He kicked them around a bit, moving them as if in a gallop.

Suddenly, he did remember that day. At the time, he had thought of it as only a dream, but he remembered running neck-and-neck...with... a big bay colt! They sprinted to a great victory...making thousands of hearts, and that of one ol' man, very happy.

It happened at a time when the Young Prince's feet were hurting pretty bad. He longed to run, but could not, because of the surgie, and the deep water. The Frens had been holding him up, and a sending another wonderful wave of strength to him. In spite of his pain, and in the water, he often found places of great comfort. Then he would find himself back in his stall, feeling much better, and vaguely remembering having been somewhere else...away from the pain.

Yes, hearkening back; there was his fren, there was the track, there were the horses, and there was the wind.

He thought, of how King Dervish would say,

"Now sees...mores with the hearts than with the eyes." ...and thus, he understood the reason for the Frens to have been making fire-shines for the big bay colt.

The funny-faced-fren usually tried, to make him laugh, but it was a quiet smile of true appreciation that was the gift of this particular moment. A gentle, beautiful glow surrounded his fren. There was such peace and comfort in his song.

Tears came to the eyes of the Young Prince when he realized that, even in his own pain, this courageous kind hearted fren had thought to seek and share this victory with him, all for the sake of the Love of the Frens. He understood, without actually feeling it...the amount of discomfort that had been tormenting this champion of the sprint track. He understood the bond of love between the horse, and the ol' man, and that he ran through the pain, to please him.

His fren loved to run, and he loved that ol' man. Once again, it was Love that made the difference. You see, this colt too, had had some surgie that was supposed to fix him. The ol' man believed that his horse was well, and feeling fine. He did not know about the pain that the colt carried in his back and belly as he raced to that last great victory. He did not know, until the horse, needed to "tell" him...and finally did.

Once he knew about the colt's great affliction, the man did everything he could to make him comfortable and happy. They spent many quiet hours together speaking a silent language through the ol' man's tears. When the big bay colt, with the funny off-center blaze asked to go, the ol' man, with a full and heavy heart, gently released him into the pure white light of Thisgoodplace. In spite of the parting, they would always have the Love connecting them. That night, the fire-shines of the Frens burned nearly as bright as the pure white light.

The Young Prince also stood up, and shook himself. Then the two stood close to each other, a little while longer, head to tail, on the soft green turf, under a blue sky full of elfants, roses, and precious memories. be continued...

Please step up the efforts, Dear Frens. Enlist even more frends, and persuade them to become frens in the cause. If your legislators are already on board with the anti-slaughter bills, then please continue to call and urge them to make every effort to persuade their non-committed colleagues, to co-sponsor the bills.

Also, please continue to pray and lift each other up. We have no idea of who and how those whispered prayers and "shines" affect others...but DO know that they DO.

Have a wonderful week. Your FOB Fren, O

"Some Do Sparkle"

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From: kckellsbells


Another brillian chapter!  Foggy and Barbaro...what a vision that is!




From: dpcatlover


I hadn't heard of The Fog when he was racing.  I only came to know him when he got sick and then died.   He was beautiful and brave just like our Barbaro.  They both left us too soon.  They truly were meant to be frens.   So glad they found each other in thisgoodplace.

Thank you for another magical chapter.



From: sylversky47


Almost a year since The Fog went into the Mist... hard to believe.  I will always treasure this chapter as "extra special."  We knew they were together now... but this gives us the images from their heart-souls in Thisgoodplace, and now we know what they call our burning love wicks - "fire shines" (love that term).

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From: Sophie7675



Thank you.


From: Guest


Thanks for another great chapter. Fog and Barbaro, what a pair they were.


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From: Otherlyn


Hay maggieMo, what a pair they ARE. ^-,^ O

From: pepsmom1


I was hoping to find Chapter 22 waiting here when I logged on today - and was not disappointed! One of the most precious, poignant chapters yet. Thanks, Lyn, for continuing to enchant us with the tale of our Young Prince and his adventures in thisgoodplace.