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Gone Ropin surgery update   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 9/11/07 by kmarchman; 2 views.

From: kmarchman


Gone Ropin is the 4 yr. old TB I adopted from CANTER Ohio at the end of August, and several very kind FOB's helped with his transport from Ohio to Colorado.
He had arthroscopic surgery for bone chips in his knee on Wed., Sept. 5th at the Littleton, Colo. vet clinic, and came through the surgery and recovery very well. I got to observe the surgery - looking through an observation window - and even though I knew pretty much what to expect, it was still a bit of a shock to look down and see your horse lying on his back on a cushioned surgery bed. They just look so vulnerable!
There were numerous chips in the knee joint - the surgeon actually brought out a small test tube half-full of bone chips. The cartilage in the radial carpus joint is severely damaged, and it's a sure thing that he was raced extensively with those chips in the joint. His prognosis is fair, with careful management and he will hopefully be pasture sound - can never be ridden. I expected this, but he is such a kind, affectionate horse, I had gotten my hopes up that he might be sound for an occasional stroll around the quiet trails in my neighborhood - it's very possible though, that he can go along for walk when I'm riding one of the others, as long as he's not carrying any weight.
We are going to do everything we can to help him - there is a new therapy which shows great promise in stopping the inflammation and arthritis from developing. It's called IRAP, and I learned about it the night before the surgery by reading a post on this Update section about a horse named Brego, who has the same problem as Roper. The Littleton clinic is one of only six vet clinics in the country that can do this treatment. It involves taking a sample of the horse's blood, putting it is a special centrifuge to extract certain blood proteins, freezing those proteins, and then injecting them into the affected joint over a period of time. Essentially, it uses the body's own defenses to heal - it's considered a gene therapy. He will also be getting Legend and Adequan to help repair the cartilage. He'll be in a stall for a week, then the stall and a small run for four months - poor baby! He can be hand-walked and grazed for a short time each day. He's being a real trooper about all of this - it would be much harder if he weren't so quiet and sweet.
If anyone else has dealt with this injury, I'd like to hear your experiences. Please keep positive thoughts flowing this way, and thanks for your support.



From: midknight1


Karen, I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking this boy into your heart and home.  It sounds like he really paid his dues and now is going to be getting a wonderful retirement home.  Most are not that lucky - just wish more good homes were available for ex-race horses with these types of long term issues. 



From: Guest


Hi Karen,

I followed Gone Ropin and his story, I foster horses for CANTER Ohio.  We have had several horses go through the IRAP therapy and have had promosing results, although it has not been long enough to follow them long term.  We do all the lay-up horses for Dr. Ron Genovese and he is one of the first to use the IRAP. 

Best of luck to you and Gone Ropin....keep us updated!



From: lauraOSU1


Thank you so much for all you've done for him.  I'm disappointed, but not really surprised, that his knee was so bad.  He's so fortunate to have found you.  laura

From: marygran


Oh, Karen, I was thinking of Roper just the other day, and I'm so glad that the surgery went well.  All I can say is what others already said to you, my friend, that he was surely blessed to have found you in his life.  I know you're disappointed that you won't be able to ride him, but the look of happiness on his face will make everything worthwhile.  I will always remember him and you and will continue to pray for both of you.

Keep us updated.

Mary in MD 


From: gal1231


Karen-thanks again for taking Gone Ropin. We are all rooting for him. I am glad the surgery went OK. I will keep my fingers XXX for the best. Amanda

From: wisdomkeeper


You are such a blessing!

From: Guest


Wishing him a prompt recovery. Thankyou for all you are doing ..may you both have many years of true companionship.



From: LynsWins


Hi Karen!

I am one of the ones who helped with his transport and am SO happy to see that he found a great home!!!!!! THANKS for taking him in and looking after him and loving him like you do!! I just love to see these racetrack veterans find good homes!


From: marygran


Hey Karen!  How's Mr. Ropin doing?

Mary in MD