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Exceller Fund - CARSON CITY KID   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: ExcellerFund


Dear FOB's,

I know the board is teeming with requests, but the story of Carson City Kid speaks to those who love these hard trying old geldings who have slipped down to the very bottom.  I spoke to Alex about this horse, and his eyes have now been opened to the whole new (under) world of old classy Thoroughbreds that are now eeking it out racing on the state fair circuit.

I know the Columbus Sale in Nebraska has come and gone, and this is a horse that "watchers" in the mid-west thought was going to be at that sale.

Here's the Carson City Kid story:

Carson City Kid......the career of an old warrior....still racing at age 13..........A Kentucky foaled son of Carson City, sold as a weanling at Keeneland ($80,000). Began his racing career in California.....and has literally been all over the country....Hollywood Park, Fair Grounds, Keeneland, Turfway, Monmouth, Delaware, Lone Star, Oaklawn, Churchhill, Ellis Park, Arlington, Hawthorn, Canterbury, etc......and Fargo, North Dakota. His current owner/trainer purchased him in the summer of 2005.

You can see a photo of him from 4/16/2004 at Keeneland:

Unable to light the board at Canterbury, Carson City Kid's next venue would be the "fair" type meets in the northern midwest..... racing at Chippewa Downs near Belcourt, North Dakota and the North Dakota Horse Park in Fargo, North Dakota. His last race would be $1,500 claimer in September of 2007 in Fargo....he would run sixth.

This brings his lifetime starts to 119 and earnings of $310,105.

His current/owner trainer says that while he is still very sound, his racing days are over and he would like a good home for him.....he is not able to offer him a lifetime home.

The Exceller Fund has stepped in to try and make this happen. Currently, they are contacting people who have been involved with the horse and yes, have gotten some positive response.....but funds are still needed as the owner would like to sell the horse (not donate him), there will be transportation costs to move the horse from northern Minnesota to an appropriate retirement/adoption facility, and their will be care expenses.  (BTW - right now Carson City Kid is only about 20 miles from the Canadian border.)

We truly think that this horse will be an excellent adoption prospect based on conversations with people familiar with him.

Currently, the horse is priced at $800. We are hoping to convince the owner to drop that price since the owner is not able to keep him.  Right now, he apparently does not understand what will happen if he sends the horse to auction.  So we need to convince him he would be lucky to get $400 from the local auction and the horse would probably be sold for meat.  The difficulty in waiting to simply purchase the horse at auction is that the auction may take place in Canada and we may not be able to get the horse back.  Also, if the owner listens to one of the local "buyers", there's no telling where the Carson City Kid might end up.

While we are still working on getting donated transportation, the transport costs from northern Minnesota to Kentucky (?) could run as much as $900.....or more ...but usually we can at get a discounted rate......and then there will be some boarding expenses until he can be adopted. I would estimate that we need to raise about $2,000 to make sure we can cover all of his expenses for the next few months.

This is a typical scenario for many of the horses racing at these small "fair" type venues. The horse traders pick these horses up at the larger tracks and local area sales.......sort through them.......take the ones that might still be able to race to the smaller tracks and offer them for sale....those that aren't able to race get resold at another local sale....a few might get picked up privately.....many are bought by the "meat man". As the horse gets "cheaper" in terms of claiming price, so does the sale price to the next owner......cheaper horses....cheaper owners.......finally no place to go with the horse......he's at the bottom.

Sanctuary for one horse at a time......I'm confident we can make this happen for Carson City Kid!

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From: Brambles


Bonnie, where should we send money to bring this old guy to safety?  I will be happy to paypal $100.00 to get things started to help him.


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From: Guest


Oh just doesn't seem right to make these olde guys keep running.

I'm in for $50.00, just need to know where to send it.

Let's bring Carson City Kid home before he goes elsewhere..come on FOB's, let's give him the dignity that he deserves.

Bonnie in Florida

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From: Guest


Bump for Carson City Kid.
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From: swedishkat


Please, anyone who can - help this poor kid, a grandson of Mr Prospector. He deserves it!!!!!!!!! And he is WAY too close to the Canadian boarder to be safe at all...

From: Guest


This is the story of most Thoroughbred race horses, this is the true story of what is so wrong with TB racing, the fact that a horse of this caliber is still sound is nearly a miracle. The Thoroughbred racings industry needs to step up and encourage breeders and owners to make a retirement for thier horses from the day they are born. We would have less TBs going to slaughter if owners and breeders looked down the road at the whole life of these magnificent animals. The people who benefit form the winnings of these horses are mostly never around when they need their reward and a lifetime home. Our goal at the RACE Fund is to provide funding for qualifed rescues so more horses can be saved and many times the owner or trainer won't EVEN pay the shipping costs to get the horse to a rescue. Yes this is the underbelly , lousy side of TB racing.

From: barbaro3780


Bonnie -  Is there an address or something set up on the ExcellerFund specifically for Carson City Kid?  Let us know.  Willing to donate!

From: wire2wire


Can we donate through the Exceller Fund site via Paypal?  I think there is a place to write in "Carson City Kid".  Can we do it this way?  Willing to donate too.

~D in MD

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From: midknight1


Bumping up. 


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From: Guest


Hi All -

Thanks for everyone offering to help this boy - because I know Bonnie gets really busy, I wanted to let you all know that you can donate for 'Carson City Kid' by going to The Exceller Funds website at and click on their "Ways To Help" page. 

There you will find the information to donate through paypal as well as the address that checks can be mailed to, which is:

The Exceller Fund
3572 Star Ridge Road
Hayward, CA 94542

Thanks to everyone and thanks to The Exceller Fund for always going above and beyond to help these Thoroughbreds when their racing careers have ended!