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Update on Teuflesberg   Horse Racing

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From: Guest


Hi Folks,
Here is the latest news from Dr. Bramlage regarding Teuflesberg.
T is going "home"!!!!
Robin Murray, PR person for Rood & Riddle, attached 3 pics of Teuflesberg. They said that he is being transported to a stable, and that the only reason they put a third cast on his leg is because he is feeling so good, they want to protect the leg!

Check out the email and I am going to attempt to post the pics.!

-----Original Message-----
From: Robin W. Murray
Sent: Mon 11/19/2007 4:56 PM
To: Subject: Teuflesberg News!

Here is the latest GOOD news on Teuflesberg:

Teuflesberg is now ready to be dismissed from the hospital. He has
overcome all of his vascular problems and his surgery site is well
healed. He is comfortable on the limb and walks nearly sound. His
radiographs show no problems with his implants, and his bones are fusing
on schedule. The radiographs of the right front show no evidence of
laminitis from overload weight bearing. He no longer needs hospital
care and can finish his convalescence at a farm care facility. I have
put him in a third cast just for the trip because he is so active. The
cast will be cut off next week when he has settled in. Most horses
would just wear a bandage home, but he is so active I thought it would
be better to be safe, with some extra support during the trip. I
couldn't be more pleased with his progress to date.

L.R. Bramlage DVM MS

Photos taken today are attached.

Thanks to everyone for your faithful support of this fine horse.

Best regards,

Robin Murray
Public Relations
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital
P.O. Box 12070
Lexington, KY 40580

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From: Guest


Here are the most recent pictures of Teuflesberg. I received them from Rood and Riddle yesterday.


ps. Does anyone know how/if we can increase our allotted 1000k limit for pictures? I have to delete prior pics I posted in order to post new pics.

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From: vizsla1822


This is the outcome we all had hoped for Barbaro.

Brad - O'Fallon, MO

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From: Guest


What great news! Thank you so much for the update! Teuf looks great in the photos - I hope he's on the way to a happy retirement! 

Brad, that is exactly what I was thinking.  This time last year, we were all expecting to hear that Barbaro was being released and were wondering which farm he would go to.  I wish things had turned out differently.

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Sabrina, thanks so much for sharing this GREAT news about have truly made my day!!!!


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From: swedishkat


2050132106_b1bb893a35_m.jpg 2049347333_666a92cced_m.jpg 2049348037_10736b0d81_m.jpg  Teuf's wiki-page has been updated as well;

Sabrina, since I pasted the photos here, you can know delete them from your message. That will free up some more space for your next picture attachments. That is really the only way i know how to do it...  :) Kat

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From: swedishkat


Sabrina, I just realized you were with Ruff Life Rescue!  Pls, check your wiki-page under "questions from fobs"...           :) Kat

From: Guest


I was thinking the same thing when I read Dr. Bramlage's email. However, the injuries were extremely different, and each horse is unique. That is how I "comforted" myself, or got over it...

In addition I remind myself that Barbaro's story created this amazing community, which has allowed complete strangers to work together to improve racing, save animals lives, and help each other. All that positive stuff from a story that everyone wished ended better, is pretty cool too.
that's just my 2 cents...


From: Guest


I am so sorry to hear about Stinky. Where you able to get him back from the ransomers? I hope so!
I also saw your posts to the Ruff Life wiki page. Please feel free to clean it up, since I am still learning about html stuff.
Also, hurray for Sweden! I have a close friend who is Swedish, and grew up in the States. I have learned a lot about the culture (lignonberries anyone?) and love it. I can only remember "ve go" (we go!) right now.


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From: lawrek2


Such wonderful news.  He really looks great.  Thanks for the up-date.