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Wendy's Sat. BC photos   Horse Racing

Started 10/28/07 by WendyinMI (wendrew); 256 views.
WendyinMI (wendrew)

From: WendyinMI (wendrew)


Hey everyone - I've been very busy the past few days.  But here are my photos from yesterday. 

I don't have much to say about the end of my day on Saturday.  I feel pretty hollow right now. 

I can say that I had fun cheering for Better Talk Now.   He's such a character.  I even saw him today at Graham Motion's barn.  He's thoroughly irritated and cranky.  He came out of the race well and was only interested in us if we had a little grain.  He seemed very hungry.  I'll post some photos of him and Rebellion in a bit.  I'll also be posting photos of the sites of the BC - there were some really peculiar sites to be seen! 

I'm editing this in to give you these photos of the sites of the BC.  Some are very amusing. 

Here is a picture I caught of George Washington in the paddock.  I'll cherish and may send it on to the Jackson's.  It's not photoshopped or cropped and he was beautiful.  Gorgeous George for sure.

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From: Guest


Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures, especially this beautiful picture of George Washington.  He is so beautiful and this is heartbreaking.

We will always love you, darling George, just like we will always love our Barbaro.


Daphne and Pee


From: lisainco


Wendy: Thanks for sharing....He is Gorgeous George for sure...

I was supposed to be there...I didnt go at the last minute...



From: asa26amy


Wendy darlin',
Thanks so much for sharing your photos from BC with us. They are fabulous as usual. George Washington looks so beautiful, sigh.

(By the way, the dogs are getting along pretty well. We'll have to get together next time for sure.)

Hugs to you,


From: Lorene1950


Thank you Wendy,
George was a beautiful, talented boy. This must be one of the last photos of him. He has kind, noble face. How unfair for this great champion. Thank you again, for letting all of us see him healthy, and strong at the end. The way he should be remembered. Must be very hard for you.

From: LyndaP31


Awsome pictures! Thanks for the update on BTN. Did you happen to see how Bear Now came out of the Distaff? It looked like she stumbled a bit coming around the far turn and then she slowed down.

From: LyndaP31


I feel so bad for poor George. I still can't believe it was him behind those curtains. You never want to see that happen to any horse, but he was one where you say, "Oh Crap!!! Not him!!!!"
WendyinMI (wendrew)

From: WendyinMI (wendrew)


Sorry I don't know.  I can only tell you about the horses under Graham Motion's care. 

I did find out that Danzon, who ran in the Filly and Mare Turf and was trained under Biancone is now with Graham Motion!  I saw her as well this afternoon and she seemed quite well and hungry!  In fact, all the horses were busy looking for their grub.  Which, as we know, is a good sign!



From: LyndaP31


Oh WOW, mabe Biancone will loose some of his horses!!!

Didya know Biancone was caught in his horses barn? He was told to leave and not come back.  They should add on to his suspension for that one.


From: LCsquall



Thank you so much Wendy for posting your lovely picture of Gorgeous George--must be bittersweet for you, but it's nice that you have such a beautiful picture to remember him in all of his glory!