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The Tin Man "doing real well"   Horse Racing

Started 11/2/07 by godmom2; 237 views.

From: godmom2


Good, but guarded, news on The Tin Man:

Injury Ends The Tin Man's Racing Career
by Tracy Gantz
Date Posted: November 2, 2007
Last Updated: November 2, 2007


The Tin Man is “doing real well,” trainer Richard Mandella reported after the 9-year-old gelding fractured his right knee coming out of surgery Oct. 25.

“We’re keeping him quiet at the barn so that he can’t lay down or do any further damage,” Mandella said Nov. 2. “We feel pretty good because everything is going smoothly…but he is vulnerable.”

The Tin Man had undergone a bone scan of his left front ankle, and he underwent exploratory surgery of the ankle because, Mandella said, “the ankle lit up.” The son of Affirmed—Lizzie Rolfe, by Tom Rolfe, then fractured the intermediate carpal bone in his right knee coming out of the anesthesia.

“It’s an odd bone to fracture,” the trainer said. “We’ve got to keep him pretty quiet. It’s not an easy call on whether to put a screw in. We’re asking all the experts, but so far they all agree that we’re doing the right thing.”

Mandella said that The Tin Man would remain in his Santa Anita stall for a couple of months to ensure he is no longer in danger.

“He’ll be our guest of honor,” Mandella said.

The injury ends The Tin Man’s long career. Bred and owned by Ralph and Aury Todd, he earned $3,663,780 while winning 13 of 31 races, including the 2006 Arlington Million (gr. IT), 2007 Shoemaker Mile Stakes (gr. IT), and two editions of the Clement L. Hirsch Memorial Turf Championship (gr. IT). He had eight graded stakes placings including a runner-up effort in this year's Arlington Million.



From: SusanE830


Thanks for the update.  One day at a time....seems to be my mantra lately.

Praying for a good bouncy sling, cooperative intestines, and COLD FEET for the Tin Man.

He's always had a heart--a wonderful, huge heart.


From: beverly25410


Isn't there a big problem if he can't lay down?

From: hornsix1


Good to hear.
So far, so good.

From: colette995


No. Horses only generally lay down about 1 or 2 hours a day. They mostly sleep standing up. Colette
I wonder if they could do stem cell therapy when he becomes more stable. It would do wonders for bone growth in his knee. Best of luck Tin Man.
  • Edited 11/2/2007 7:06 pm ET by Easy Goer (megawallace)
The only thing is if he is one that likes to lay down. Some horses never lay, while others lay all the time. It might hurt his psyche if he can't get comfortable.

From: Guest


We did stem cell therapy on our gelding but had to wait 30 days for the 1 steroid shot he had gotten to clear his system. It was to heal a badly bowed tendon. It was working extremely when when he coliced and we had to put him down.  Stem cells were taken from his own fat.



From: ruffian28


I love that horse!  May the angels protect him.
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so sad. I was neat that it was working though. That still amazes me. I hate Colic!!!!!!