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Sapphire @ Celtic Rein Nov. Update   Horse Rescue Updates

Started 11/29/07 by Guest; 5 views.

From: Guest


Well, I don't know what it is about this mare, but I absolutely love her to death.  She is the least complicated horse I've ever dealt with and is just an absolute love.  I gave her booster vaccines yesterday and literally did not have to hold her.  She stood stock still and didn't even so much as flinch. 

In many ways, she reminds me of Morgainne.......they have the same kind eyes and people loving dispositions that make them want to be right there with you doing everything.  I feel blessed that this girl came into my life and have a very special spot for her in my heart. 

Her and Daphne are good friends.  Sapphire is very careful and watches out for Daphne.  Daphne is approximately 6-7 months pregnant and we have a feeling that Sapphire is going to be a wonderful aunt to the little one when he/she arrives.  When Daphne got kicked and Elizabeth thought that she was going to lose her baby, Sapphire would not leave the barn and stood looking over the partition with the most concerned and compassionate look in her eyes.  She broke my heart and as many times as I told her that it was going to be ok, she refused to move.  She stayed with Daphne through her entire vet exam, while we were waiting for the vet and wouldn't leave until Daphne was ok'd to go out to pasture with her.  It was pretty amazing.  BTW - Daphne and baby are both fine - she was kicked in a not so great spot and although there was a lot of blood, it did not affect the baby in any way, thank God.

Here are a few pic's of Sapph and Daph ;)

Hmmmm.......wonder if there is anything good to eat in the wood pile?

DSCN2630.jpg picture by luvmyqh


DSCN2641.jpg picture by luvmyqh

DSCN2644.jpg picture by luvmyqh

Ummm Daphne......are you coming to play or what?

DSCN2645.jpg picture by luvmyqh

Excuse the mud on her please......her favorite spot is right by the stream :(

DSCN2626.jpg picture by luvmyqh

And here comes Daphne.......

DSCN2638.jpg picture by luvmyqh

Sapphire........I want to play on this side of the stream!

DSCN2623.jpg picture by luvmyqh


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From: midknight1


Wow - they are both beautiful!


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From: Guest


Thank you Steph.. I love reading these updates.. They both look fantastic. Thank goodness Daphne is ok..

So who is due first?? Daphne or Merry?? You mean I have to watch 2 mares now?..Oh man.. let me call and reserve my room at the loony bin because that is where I will surely end up after this...


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From: Guest


LOL.....well, Daph isn't ours, she is lovingly owned and doted on by Aunt Elizabeth who is like family to us and fosters our sanctuary horses. 

Elizabeth has extensive rehab experience and the most amazing knack for spoiling a horse beyond what you could ever imagine.  The horses all  follow her around like she's sprinkles peppermints from every foot step, lol.

Daph and Merry are both due around the same time, as long as Merry's approximate due date is correct.  We'll have a better idea this month when Merry gets her second ultrasound ;)


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From: jcb88


Celtic Rein is still in need of Two More Angels for Sapphire

Won't you please consider becoming a sponsor

For this Beautiful Girl?


Jeanne & Jamie