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My Little Bean - Alex   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by ac4h; 528 views.

From: ac4h


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                My Little Bean.... gets.... "Another Chance" at life, literally....

Alex went with me to the direct to slaughter pen in July for research for his book and so that he could verify the reality of the kill pen and the situations at hand.  When we arrived we found a stunningly gorgeous Chestnut TB filly who appeared to be sound.  You can't jog a horse in a pen of many horses and we didn't have much to go on but it was quickly decided that she had to be saved.  We wrote out the check to the kill buyer and her life was spared from slaughter in Canada for human consumpion in foreign countries. 

   We had a tattoo number and a description.  She received a full vetting coggins, worming, vaccines, farrier care cost approximately $170.00 and lots of love and attention which was completely free lol.

Through identity research volunteers uncovered information about her past and her name... She had last raced Oct 6th of last year and that was at Bellmont.  She had 5 starts... made $36,930.00. Here is her pedigree -

* Please consider making a donation to the TB Division for identifying future horses in need, it helps to save their lives  donation or payment options approximately $35.00 per horse.

   She was evaluated at AC4H by volunteers who found her to be friendly, affectionate and gentle to handle. Even in a halter and lead rope and bareback :>) What a girl!!! 

A call came into the office a family wanted to schedule a visit to the rescue (We are here just about every Saturday from 12 - 3)  They explained they were looking for a horse for their teen daughter, Emily.  Emily had taken lessons and had leased a horse but was now ready for her very own.  We introduced Emily to My Little Bean and it was love at first site for them both. 

My Little Bean and Emily at AC4H. 

Four months after being pulled from the direct to slaughter pen Emily's parents submitted the application and placement fee for My Little Bean and after approval, she finds the perfect home.  Another great example of an "unwanted horse" huh?!?!?!?

My Little Bean at her new home with Emily - below the email Emily just sent to us.

Hi Christy,
    It's me again. I just wanted to let you know that My Little Bean is the BEST horse in the entire world!!!!:)  Thank you so much for telling me, my mom and dad about her:)

Christy Sheidy, Co-founder
Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc.  donation or payment options if you like happy endings please consider making a tax deductible donation to AC4H, Inc.

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From: ac4h


Special thanks to Alex, Lisa, Diana, Cheryl, FOB's and AC4H Horse Helpers.
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From: kckellsbells


What a wonderful outcome!  My Little Bean is darling and her little girl is too cute!

From: Guest


As a volunteer who had the pleasure of meeting "My Little Bean" and later Emily when she came to meet her, I can say that my HEART is SMILING!

This is just another example of the wonderful horses that are pulled by our rescues out of kill pens and auctions. The opposition says these horses are useless. So NOT true! The opposition says they are mean or NOT true!

My Little Bean is now the love of Emily's life...and Emily will take care of Bean for the rest of her life. It fits, doesn't it?

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From: SavvyCowgirl


What a nice story with a very rewarding ending.....they both look very happy to have one another :-) Great job....
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From: jamielsg


Dear Christy,

     Even though my heart is broken over the loss of My Beloved Dad to cancer on 11/21/07, a smile still manages to show itself when I read a beautiful story like My Little Bean's.  She is such a lovely girl.  How could someone not want her? Anyway, you do great work Christy and you know I'll be contributing in the future.  Thank you for saving her and giving me that much needed smile. Jamie Gillispie FOB Johnson City, TN

For the love of Bill and Barbaro........for Eternity

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From: ProjectSage


This is such a heart warming story =)  I cannot say enough good things about everyone at AC4H.  Christy has really made my dreams come true of rescuing horses.  I never thought I would get to go to the New Holland Auction at such a young age and rescue two horses!  It was the most amazing feeling in the entire world and I would go every day if I could.  Nicole and I are truly blessed to be able to have met Christy and her family.  We cannot wait to visit over the winter break to see Hannah and Skye and everyone at AC4H.  Thanks again Christy!  Give Hannah a hug for me.

Brittany-Project Sage

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From: sandins


Christy-----thanks for that great story and for putting a smile on Jamie's face and mine-----we needed that!                      sandy
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From: Weldon54


Emily looks PERFECT on her new mount! What a handsome pair for the show ring! I'm thankful for Emily and for all the people responsible for saving My Little Bean's life!



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From: Guest


I love HAPPY endings!!!