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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

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From: Weldon54


Building Fund: We actually have 119 4" x 8" engraveable tiles left to sell. The whole project is going to be awesome when it's finished. Jeanne, Pam, and the other "barn fairies" have already been working on this, and the tile wall will be a great tribute to our fans and supporters.

Sponsorships: Having continued sponsors that we can count on to contribute month after month gives us peace of mind. Cheryl says, "As hard as I work to make sure Jeanne has enough money to take care of the ladies, it never seems to be enough.." I realize that's a common complaint of rescues, and we try not to publicly grumble too much. Jeanne does a great job in doing a lot with a little, the ladies wouldn't live so comfortably if she didn't. Different levels of sponsorship are: "Carrot Contributor", "Peppermint Provider", "Keeper", "Caretaker", "Angel".

eBay Auctions:
We always have auctions on eBay. Our eBay ID is ourmims-org. Sometimes the auctions go toward the building fund; sometimes they go for the general fund. We have been fortunate to have the farms donate us some awesome halters from stallions such as Storm Cat, Monarchos, Wild Again, Point Given, Unbridled Song, Holy Bull... the list goes on! We are also very happy when we get halters from the "working ladies" from farms; we've gotten halters from Turko's Turn, Serena's Song, and shoes from Life's Magic.


Payment for items purchased off eBay should be sent to

Our Mims Retirement Haven

159 N Bickett Rd

Xenia OH 45385-7804

Donation payments should be sent to:

Our Mims Retirement Haven

2810 Millersburg Ruddles Mill Rd

Paris KY 40361-9367

Our online shop is at
: It is open and operational, and donations and contributions to the building fund can be made through the shop as well.

The Haven also has a 2008 date book for sale and horse-themed Christmas Cards.

Cheryl A Bellucci
Caretaker of the Tribute Web Site for Our Mims:
Director of Fund Raising and Promotion for Our Mims Retirement Haven:

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From: LindaVA3


The ladies are just beautiful!  Next time I'm in Kentucky, I'm coming to visit!!!

From: Guest


We'll look forward to it.
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From: Weldon54


OurMimsIzaValentine.jpg Iza Valentine, Nov. 2007 picture by fsweldon

Iza Valentine

Photography by Sue Rosenbach


Iza Valentine

(Born on Valentines Day 1976 - Bickers ~ Countess Market), career earnings, $65,900.

Iza Valentine raced 25 times with 5 wins, 1 second place and 1 third place. She had 12 foals. Iza was voted the 1985 California Broodmare of the Year. She is the dam of Fran's Valentine and the grand dam of With Anticipation.

Iza Valentine arrived at Our Mims Retirement Haven in November of 2004. I remember trying very hard to win her affection but Iza would have nothing to do with me. Instead, Iza took a liking to my husband, Pete. In fact, in the evenings when it was time for the mares to come in for dinner, I often had to rely on Pete to catch Iza…"Go catch your girlfriend," I’d grumble as I stomped through the house in search of carrots. It wasn’t until I discovered Iza’s favorite treat, STUD MUFFINS, that I won her heart. "HA! I’ve got you now," I cooed as I fed one Muffin after another to the dark horse.

After that, we had a strong bond. "Oh, my Iza," I’d tell people, "I know I’m not suppose to have favorites but look at her. She is such a beauty." It’s hard to put into words the depth of a bond that can form between horse and human. You have to see it or experience it for yourself. But once you have witnessed the friendship, you’ll never forget what you have seen.

On August 13, 2007, Iza Valentine suffered a massive stroke. The vet thought she wouldn’t survive. The odds just weren’t in her favor. Poor dear Iza had suffered a mild stroke and bowed a tendon the year before, she was 31 years old. Worst of all, she had been down in the hot sun, maybe for hours before Pam found her. I begged the vet to try something and being the kind soul that he is, Dr. Burns obliged. As he went back to his truck for medication I leaned in close to Iza and said, "Iza, get up, he thinks you’re going to die!"

With that, Iza struggled to her feet. Pam and I quickly cooled the old girl off with hose water while the Doc administered medication. Then we three humans helped a very unsteady horse to her stall. Dear old Iza’s right side was weak. She leaned up against the stall wall for support. Her right ear flopped, her right eye nearly blind.

I stayed with Iza while Pam dashed to the horse clinic for more medication. I phoned Cheryl , and asked her to post a notice on the horse forums asking for prayers and donations. The needed meds were expensive and Iza’s only hope.

The prayers went up, the money came in and Iza grew stronger by the day. Ten days after her stroke, I asked the vet about her chances for survival. He cleared his throat while looking at her and said, "Based on what I see now, from where she was to how far she has come? There’s a race I’d like to enter her in ten days from now." Doc went on to call her a miracle horse.

Today at 31 years old, knocking on the door to 32, Iza Valentine is strong and you’d never know she was ever sick. She gallops across the pasture, kicking and bucking like a ten year old. She is clearly the reigning matriarch of the herd.

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From: Guest


We have a couple of cool ebay auctions going on right now, Both to help the building fund. One is a bracelet anklet set made from tail hair of 31 year old Iza Valentine and the other is dream catcher made from Jamra's shoe.

From: Guest


I can tell, I'm gonna just love this thread.  The story about the veil between this world and the next being thinner than we think just got to me.


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From: Weldon54


Oh, Maggie! You aren't going to believe this thread! I can tell you now that you are going to be soooooo in love with these ladies. They have me wrapped and I live hundreds of miles away!

I have lots more of the ladies and their stories in the next weeks.


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From: Guest



Yes I did, I will send you a private email. 

Thank you for sending it.

Bless you for all you do



From: Debbie1948


Thank you, you're a wonderful person for what you're doing. Can't wait for the next story! Glad some mares are getting a good life when others would just throw them away. Barbaro a horse I never touched I still cry daily over him. Working now to stop horse slaughter daily, calling, faxing and emailing senators and house Rep's.
Have you ever read Joe at TB Friends? Think you and he are a lot alike, heart's bigger than life. Hats off too you both. We need more like you! Keep the storys coming please.



From: Guest


Hey Debbie,

No, I haven't read about Joe. I will now, though!.

Please, keep up the good work pounding away at the anti slaughter fight. I'll do what I can, you do what you can, together we all make a difference.

I knew the moment I saw BARBARO he was meant to change the world just as surely as I knew when I was 17 years old that someday I'd own Our Mims. Some things just stand out in a horse.