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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 246722 views.

From: GildersMom


Message from Jeanne about Sue's passing:

This is so unexpected. Sue danced out of the barn last night... she looked happy, healthy and young... despite her age. We found her in Mims' favorite grazing spot. It looks like she just laid down and died. Bless her heart. She worried so much as I grieved for Iza watching her just fade. I guess she decided she wouldn't do that to me.

From: gerchgo


I'm so glad it appeared that she went peacefully, and spared Jeanne the agony of a long decline......(((Jeanne)))

From: jamielsg


I was so looking forward to grooming Sue next year.................what a privilege that Ruth and I got to spend quality time with Timeless Sue in April.  She loved being doted on and she groomed us back...........she was so gentle and kind as those soft lips touched me.  Jeanne said "she's grooming you back!  She's letting you know that she accepts you into her herd"  What an honor Timeless Sue.  I will see you in Heaven Beautiful Lady.  I've always loved you but on that beautiful day in April, I feel in love all over again. 



From: AmericaBlues


Jamie, we were so very lucky to have that time with sweet Sue. I will never forget it and the fact that she "welcomed us into the herd" is a treasure worth more than gold. Glad we were able to have those special moments. Next year, God willing, we will groom another special one in Timeless Sue's memory.

Ruth (NJ)


From: jamielsg


I was thinking of you too Ruth..............that very special moment in time............just the 3 of, you and Timeless Sue.  You couldn't be more right, more precious than gold.  She will always be with us in the way that matters eternal spirit.  How Blessed is God to have welcomed Timeless Sue to Heaven blessed are we that we had her here on Earth for 33 years. 

So, when we are grooming Ms. Blue Viking next spring, we'll let her know that we are honoring Ms. Sue...........maybe Blue will groom us back............probably not:)

I love you Sue................I love you Jeanne..............I love you Ruth..............


From: LAM232



I was fortunate enough to help my friend, Kathleen give Sue a bath a couple of years back.

Sue was so happy and grateful that she was nuzzling my arm very sweetly, gently. Jeanne said, "she is thanking you". I will have that image with me forever. That was the most special day I ever had with her and one of the most wonderful memories I have ever had of any horse.

Sue was a treasure. This is a huge loss for all of us, especially Jeanne and The Ladies. She was a benevolent herd leader.....and was loved. She knew that.

We will see her in heaven one day. I know that. I hope she and Mims are comparing notes on their love for Jeanne.



From: JLNJ


So sad to read this...special Sue. Very happy I was able to finally meet the Ladies this April. It is tucked in my heart as a special memory.

Love and hugs to all at Our Mims.



From: pschmid1012


R.I.P. dear Timeless Sue.  We met you in 6/09 when my spouse & I visited Our Mims.

My prayers are with Jeanne, as she attempts to cope with this sudden passing of one of the beloveds.


From: LyndaP31


Oh no! Not Timeless Sue!!! :O'(  It sounds like she went exactly how she wanted. What a sweet mare she was.  I am never going to forget her. She stood out more than any of the other ones in my mind. Well except for Lotka, of course. :o(

From: Weldon54


Timeless Sue brought so many so much happiness. Her beauty and grace will never be forgotten. This just breaks my heart.

She was a Lady in every sense of the word....with the class of an aristocrat.

I'm sure Mims came and escorted her to the winners circle in heaven, where all great mares gather to welcome each other home.

Now I know what all the noise was last night. It wasn't thunder. It was the thundering hooves in celebration of a Grand Lady's entrance.

It's not goodbye forever. It's goodbye for now, Timeless Sue.