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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 244786 views.

From: Weldon54


Thank you for sharing the article about Timeless Sue. She was well loved, well cared for and lived her final years being treated just the way all broodmares should be the royalty that they are.

Jeanne and Cheryl work so hard to give these Ladies a wonderful life. They share them with all of us....their beauty and funny stories and even the heartache of losing them. We all shed tears of joy when another birthday is celebrated, and then tears of sadness when they leave us.

Timeless Sue will be missed by many. And, we will never forget her.



Jo (LoveYouB)

From: Jo (LoveYouB)


Belated but very heartfelt condolences on the loss of Timeless Sue.  I'm so sorry but what a wonderful life she lived with you and the Ladies.  I was so honored when my friend Susan and I were able to meet her and the Ladies during the unveiling weekend a few years ago.  Very precious memories.  She will always be remembered.  ~ Jo 

From: Mimsforever


Somehow, I can not REPLY TO ALL anymore so I hope no one minds that technically this looks like it is for LOVEYOUB but really its to everyone

Thank you all for your kind words regarding Timeless Sue. I am still not strong enough to write a fitting tribute but I will get there.

Hana continues her recovery from the sinus infection and the lightning strike. She is eating well again and appears to be gaining weight.

Bel's Starlet finally blew out the hoof abcess after 6 weeks of vet and farrier visits. She, too, is eating again...although she lost nearly 300lbs during the ordeal. HOPEFULLY, she will be gaining weight readily now.

Poor Lotka is lost without Sue to guide her. Please pray for her heart as it has been badly broken. She is eating but her spirit is greatly diminished.

Everyone else is quiet but ok.

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From: Weldon54


Jeanne, all of you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


Prayers on wings for all at Our Mims.  I'm so glad I was able to visit in May.  The time with the Ladies is precious, and I appreciate your sharing it with me.
Hug your adorable little granddaughter.  I know she takes good care of the herd.

From: AmericaBlues


Jeanne, you and the ladies and of course Elmhurst are in my prayers. I still can't believe that sweet Sue is gone and poor Lotka, I pray that one of the other ladies will be her guide. Stay strong Jeanne and know that we all share in your grief.

Ruth (NJ)


From: LindaVA3


Prayers going out to everyone at Our Mims during this difficult time, most especially to Lotka.  It's tough to lose your best friend


From: LAM232


Much love to all of you, Jeanne...sending a special prayer to Miss Lotka. Poor girl.


Jo (LoveYouB)

From: Jo (LoveYouB)


Continued thoughts and prayers for you and all of the ladies, Jeanne.  Hope Lotka's heart will heal from the loss of her dear friend and that she'll be embraced in the support of the ladies around her, and hope that Hana and Bel continue to recover and improve.   

From: Mimsforever


Its hot.

Lotka isn't eating well.

Bel isn't either.

Elmhurst is hassling the volunteers.

Hana is stiff from her clash with lightning.

Blue Viking is angry that she doesn't live in Elmhurst's barn.

Cruella is mad that Blue wants to live in that barn.

Ms Stalwart says her feet hurt.

Missy says, "OI! Someone turn down the heat!"

Flagship says Elmo is HOT.

Taba Dance rolls her eyes.

The Princess agrees with Flagship.

Trail Guide would like you all to know her last foal, TRAIL TRICK broke her maiden last Saturday.

Arc Bar says someone please do something about the heat, the lack of rain and the impending hay shortage.