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The Ladies Of Our Mims   Horse Rescue Issues

Started by Weldon54; 248376 views.

From: gerchgo


Godspeed Hana...RIP sweet girl, now running freely with her condolences to all of you, and the ladies at Our Mims....



From: Weldon54


Godspeed, Hana Bride! We will always love you and miss you. I'm sure Mims was there to escort you in, with 'Bama and Sue and all those who have gone on before you.

My heart and prayers are with Jeanne and you, Cheryl. Thank you for giving her the most beautiful years of her life.




From: AmericaBlues


Jamie, you said it all - Hana was so sweet the day that we spent with her and I remember us sharing that saying goodbye to her may be our last. My heart is broken once again at the passing of such a sweet soul, but as you said, we will see her in heaven with all her mates. Run free dear Hana, we will miss you here on earth, but keep an eye out for all of us when it's time. I look forward to those "heavenly kisses".

Ruth (NJ)


From: jamielsg


I am looking forward to those Heavenly kisses too Ruth..........Hana was a very special soul as you said..........meeting The Ladies has sure been life changing for me.........they're proof that age is truly a state of mind..........they all inspire me!

See you in Heaven have made my Earthly journey more joyous........I'll carry your joy with me the rest of my life.


From: pschmid1012


Thanks so much for sharing this sad news with us.   I can only imagine what Jeanne must be going thru right now.  I visited Our Mims back in '09... & I realized what TLC +++ was rendered in love & care to these elder mares.  I 've always asked Jeanne, if  I get to that age, if she would take me into her ' wonderful older mare spa'.

I can only hope that  Mother  Nature,  making that  lighting bolt , may not have contributed to Hana's entering her eternal she was soooo loved & taken care of,  in her earthly home.....Our Mims. 

I realize tho.,  that Mother Nature has her 'ways' & may know the long run.

edit...b/c of spelling...since there is no spell check on this site,  if one doesn't  pay for it . GRRRR !

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From: jamielsg


Jeanne, please don't ever underestimate how much I love you and The Ladies...........we all do and we all grieve deeply when God welcomes one of The Ladies to their Eternal Home.  Timeless Sue and Hana Bride were shining from the inside out when I saw them in April.............all of the Ladies were.  I have nothing but good memories of all the Heavenly Ladies.  I'll be sending a donation this month in honor of our Angels.

KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)



Every trip to Our Mims and Old Friends is bittersweet because I know that some will leave us before I am able to get back to visit.  I try to soak up their scents, so that I can take them with me when I  leave. No matter, the void still comes when they are gone.  Hana was cherished by all of us who were blessed to have known her.


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From: Mimsforever


We are all excited about the Secretariat Festival in Paris, Ky on Saturday, September 29!

Lotka and Elmhurst will be there enticing children to join their fan clubs!

KLB (ghizmatt)

From: KLB (ghizmatt)


What a smile this picture brings to my face.  These two  and RR from OF will present a day to remember.
Hugs to Miss Stalwart,

From: LyndaP31


Here are my pictures from our Visit to Our Mim's on Monday